Tuya IoT Platform

Hi just upgraded home assistant and needed to update the Tuya configuration
Followed all the steps and worked except for 4 similar switches which were working great before don’t show up in home assistant.
In Tuya IoT Platform it lists 32 devices. In home assistant Tuya configuration it says 28 devices.
How do I get these back ?

avoid using the new integration and replace it with HACS V2 Tuya which will help you better

Or use localtuya

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I placed myself here: Use old tuya integration as custom component until v2 is on par

I have been avoiding the 2021.10.x updates because of all the Tuya issues.
I am currently on 2021.9.7 and using the HACS Tuya V2

I don’t use a lot of Tuya. I only have 5 devices and these are 4 Power boards with USB (2 x Jinvoo and 2 x UseeLink) and a Window/Door sensor.
Which switches did not work for you?
I am assuming to followed the steps in the Tuya documentation?

Some advise to remove the HACS Tuya V2 before updating to 2021.10.x or it won’t load. I have read many forum comments and am thoroughly confused.

I am happy enough with the HACS Tuya V2 but will it continue to work??

What are your suggestions?

Because it was said from the outset that covers would not yet be supported In the new core Tuya integration, I updated with the HACS v2 integration in place, and everything is working just as before.

I only have 2 covers though, so may not be the same.if I had devices that the new core integration would discover. But I have seen no conflicts - why would there be as long as you don’t set the new integration up at all?

As far as I’m aware, custom versions of any component will always override a core version - it’s how you can install a bug fix before it gets released in an official update for example.

I’m still used V2 on the latest HA without any problem.

Thank you for that input. It helps me decide and dispels some of the confusion.
“As far as I’m aware, custom versions of any component will always override a core version - it’s how you can install a bug fix before it gets released in an official update for example.”
This is my impression as well but there were so many conflicting comments.

I have run the Check Home Assistant Config and it did not give any errors.

The next few days are busy for me so will try things out when I have more time to debug if necessary.

I have Tuya covers, does this mean I cant update any more until the Tuya integration handles covers?

follow this, install this custom add-on integration and upgrade to new HA. you will be using old tuya integration, which will not be maintained anymore. After installing this, i have updated my HA, everything is still working with old version without any issues. Just spare some time to take a look at new one and create issues on github, so devs can fix them.

Thanks, I might give that a go

If it can help it seems the 4 not working are all the same type as picture a MOES WiFi Smart Light Dimmer Switch.
Like mentioned Tuya IoT platform says 32 and Tuya HA integration says 28 so these 4 are the missing ones. Should I write to Tuya or open a case in Github? Or wait a few days?

you can create issues in home assistant/core and mark the tuya integration. developers from tuya or internal ones would take a look.

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Just be aware that that component uses the old Tuya API which is (according to some reports) due to be withdrawn in December.

If you want to try out the V2 Beta which does run covers on the new API (or it works with mine at least), you can still install it as a custom component using these instructions:

The V2 Beta has the same setting up process as the new core integration i.e. creating a developer’s account on the Tuya IoT platform, but once you’ve done that, it will eventually work in the core integration once it catches up with the HACS V2 Beta.

Unless you’re planning on ditching Tuya all together, you’re going to have go down this route at some point anyway

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I had the time to do the update this afternoon and loaded 2021.10.4 along with HACS Tuya V2 and it loaded OK. Logs only had usual errors about untested Custom Components other tha that it seems OK and is working as before update.