Use old tuya integration as custom component until v2 is on par

Hi all,

I had dumped old tuya integration into a public github repository as I had lots of (lots of, lots of) issues with the new one. I will use this in my production machine but keep the new one active in my dev machine to report problems for new integration. I will stick to old one until;

  • it does not work anymore
  • new one is capable of doing same stuff (not worried about performance)

You can use HACS, add custom repository address ( and install this as custom integration, restart your HA and enjoy.

Disclaimer: we must need to migrate to new one soon or later, it is just a matter of time. So, use this as a last resort and raise your issues on GitHub about new one so it can get better.


Hi, whats the difference with : ?

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Lets not make another one if there is an existing one that serves the same purpose, this will just confuse people

home-assistant-tuya-old is using a different domain as tuya_old. This one will keep all existing functionality and setup as it is, using domain as tuya.

I have upgraded to 2021.10.3 and using this without any issues.

It is up to users, but if you don’t want to upgrade to 2021.10.X because of tuya reason, you can use this one without having any interruption.

I have now HA 2021.9 and tuya integration. In order to update to 2021.10 I should first add remove tuya integration, add this component from HACS, add my devices and then do the update?

Just install this one using HACS, restart to double check everything is working fine and then update. Nothing needed after update

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Thank you, my Tuya light strip and sockets are losing their minds. I could restore my old image but why do that when I can do this :slight_smile:

Problem with this is that you cant have the new and old installed at same time
You have to migrate eventually so having a different domain, you could move items across as they were supported

The use case for old version should be as interim measure till devices are supported in new version and you can move them as they do

Agree on this, i am using new one in my development box, so i can get prepared for inevitable one :slight_smile:

others wont be as fortunate to have dev box. Maybe add something to initial post mentioning this?

that way they can at least try both and migrate as devices get supported, that way they have to do it all agian
At lot of folks have already had a rough time with new one, lets try and help them where we can and make transition a bit easier

Yeap, fair enough

@fuatakgun thank you very much, I have just one smart plug and I would rather throw it out of a window, than configuring the new thing, I do not understand why they did not add a new integration with v2 in a name and rather broke working things

Do not forget, the solution here can’t live forever, they will eventually shutdown old api, so consume this as a temp until you dump your stuff :slight_smile:

I had that old one up and running successfully. I installed the new one, thinking the issues had been addressed. I am still getting different states between the Tuya app and the home assistant integration. Stil unsure if they’ve addressed all the issues. Are others still reporting issues?