Tuya IoT "trial" has expired ... need some recommendation for a new switch

I have four Treatlife 2-in-1 Smart Ceiling Fan Control and Dimmer Light Switch [here] I was using the Tuya integration successfully without any issues till today when I wake up and surprise the Trial has expired. Therefore my HA is a mess telling me fans and lights are on/off because it can’t communicate with the Tuya IoT API.

Other than hacking the devices and installing extra stuff on them what would you recommend to me? I tried to check on their Premium tier pricing but don’t see it anywhere although it must be not cheap and I don’t think it deserves to pay a monthly payment just for four devices at home :frowning:

I am thinking on Lutron Maestro Fan Control but is expensive and I do not know if Lutron HA integrations works out of the box and with no restrictions as the Tuya ones

I am open to ideas :slight_smile:

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On Tuya Cloud under “Cloud > Cloud Services” it shows your service with “Alerting”. If you click on “View Details” you can apply to extend the trial by 6 months. I’ve had to do it a few times - when I just checked it expired about 2 weeks ago, but was still working.

Alternatively, there’s a couple of local tuya integrations. The one I use is localtuya installed via HACS. I’ve only done this for a couple and the rest are still on the cloud version because my laziness is overwhelming.

There’s another thread talking about this issue here.


It was a little hard for me to understand how localtuya works and how to add devices to my HA instance but I did it, and I blocked all the inbound/outbound traffic from these devices on my firewall. Will try to make a post here, maybe? or contribute to the localtuya wiki to help others on this setup since it took most of my day yesterday :slight_smile:

hi, just wondering if you did a help doc/ or update the wiki etc… thanks

Hi there, no, I did not update anything anywhere since there is no Wiki. If you have a link and think it should be updated I can get some time and try my best writing some docs to help others