Tuya IR+RF Bridge

After successfully flashing and integrating the Sonoff RF Bridge (v. 2.2) - Tasmota Manual, HA-#130 and GitHub-Discussion - I was looking for a new challange and found a Infrared AND RF-Bridge:
New IR+RF Version (Ali Express)

The serial flashing of the pre Model (just IR-Bridge) TYSW_012_ZK_Main_V1.1 @AliExpress is discribed here:
YTF Universal Remote IR Controller

The Tuya integration does not relly work for IR-Bridges (no Datapoints).

What I now want to do, is to flash tasmota on the IR+RF Bridge.

Is there a way to get a Tasmota/ESP-Home firmware symbiosis of the RF-Bridge and IR-Birdge (new Version of the YTF-IR Bridge)

All approaches are welcome.

3 second search for “WB3S” reveals:

So no ESP means no Tasmota or vanilla ESPHome but you can try LibreTuya which has a ESPHome :fork_and_knife:



i think this ist not 100% correct.
As mentioned here,

and as i understand all the ESP-thing, the “WB3S” can easyly be replaced by any ESP-12S Module which can be flashed with tasmota.

So remains the main question - also for myself - is there a way to get the combined IR an RF-Bridges work with tasmota.?
Esppecially the 433MHz & 315Mhz Version seems to be very interesting for having a long desired all-in-one solution.

Didn’t you just answer it by yourself?


Or just try the libretiny esphome fork which runs on the WB3S and doesn’t require any hardware modifications/soldering…


Or the official ESPHome 2023.9.0 (right now in beta) which has support for libretiny chips :tada:

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Thank you @orange-assistant for your useful info. Atm there is an compiler error (API - Issue) for the Chip/Device. I contacted the developer. If this work it will be awesome.

Curious whether anyone has this working or not? Moving to a house with somfy RF shades, wondering whether to get this or pay up for the bond bridge…


First of all to answer your question: The API problem seems to be solved since one of the last updates.

I haven’t flashed it yet because of lack of time. My requirement is to have a self learning mode or a connection to an existing IR remote database (like tuya does) because I don’t want to program all my remote buttons separately.

ATM I did not find any firmwares / projects which have self learning modes (read out remotes and safe it directly in a database or on the chip directly) or project yet. See ESP-Home IR Remote controller with easy learning / teaching function

I see. So how are the commands programmed/learned with this device/HA currently?