ESP-Home IR Remote controller with easy learning / teaching function

Since it is possible to flash Beken-Chips (in my case WB3S) with
ESP-Home or Tasmota I search for a good open source firmware in comparisen to the original Smart Life App (Tuya) to control and to easy teach IR-Devices.

What I love on the official Tuya Smart Life App it is direct hands on (pre teached remotes and easy learning mode). What I don’t like is that sub devices (and this is what tuya does: the gateway create subdevices) cannot be integrated - neither via the official Tuya integration nor via the HACS Tuya local Integration.

I want to open a discussion about ESP-Home Projects to control teachable IR-Remotes with the following requierements:

  • Integratable: for sure integratable into Home Assistant
  • Libraries: existing IR remote libraries (Samsung, LG, JVC, …)
  • HandsOn: Easy teaching/ learning mode for new and unknown devices without be forced programming each button via ESP-Home environment (push IR button → give the button a name, done)
  • Frontend: visual teaching maybe with pictures of the remotes

Some nice Projects:

Would you guys share your projects?

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