Tuya Irrigation Integration


I have recently purchased and installed a Diivoo dual zone irrigation kit (Diivoo Smart Water Timer for Garden Hose Up to 40 Separate Programmabl) and have to say its a great piece of kit.

This works seemlessly with the @Tuya app and even passes the devices into HomeAssistant but shows them as unsupported.

My research into this issue has identified this long closed thread (Tuya/Smartlife water irrigation set (made of a wifi gateway and bluetooth valve) recognized but unsupported (no entities) · Issue #72029 · home-assistant/core · GitHub) where @jsmeyers was able to resolve this issue for an alternative model, but this does not work for this model.

Having reviewed the output of the diagnostic yaml i can see my device has the mentioned category of ‘GGQ’ which is mentioned in the thread above and i just dont know where to start to get this integrated so would appreciate any support anyone is kind enough to give.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve forked the @jsmeyers custom repo to add ‘GGQ’.

You can add my repository in HACS through custom repositories.

Lately It was working intermittently so I decided to start from scratch and copy the latest TUYA folder from HomeAssistant Core and add ‘GGQ’ and ‘SFKZQ’.

Bear in mind my ‘GGQ’ is a dual valve and my ‘SFKZQ’ is a single valve. If you have a different one you can modify it in Switch.py if you know the DPs otherwise you’ll need to find your DPs in the TUYA developer website

I hope that works for you


Thank you for this!

I have a Tuya 8 zone WiFi controller and wasn’t able to integrate it a few months ago but recently got it recognised through Local Tuya. I can see the 6 zones I have, turn them on and off, as well as the weather “sensor”.

Had to do some trial and error when adding it to figure out what each sensor being recognised was.

You sir are a legend! I will try this now thank you and post back later

Big thanks! The integration works :slight_smile:
I also see changes in the log if the watering program set with the app is running.

But when I try the switch manually in HA, it shortly set to ‘On’ and switch back to ‘Off’ again. Unfortunately nothing happen, the irrigation does not starts and no entries in the log be added too.
I have the Johgee device.

Is it not possible to switch from HA?

I have the same problem🤔

How did you get this working with Local Tuya? I spent hours yesterday trying to get it to work with no avail. :frowning:

Does this work with the diivoo single zone controller as well?


Without removing the device and re-adding I’m not sure I could tell you. I’m fairly sure the devices I could add were all available via the Cloud API account within Local Tuya, which gave the name of the device and IP address. From there I just needed to go through the setup process like I did for smart plugs in Local Tuya, resulting in a switch for each zone (6 in my case) as well as a sensor for the weather…

Did anyone get this fixed?> i have the single outlet one and managed to get it to display correctly in home assistant using the integration however same problem as @Joo01 the switch button doesn’t work

+1 on this for me

Hi i am new,
i have installed the custom and it shows me now the irrigation.
i have 2 outlets an I can activate them but nothing happens.
is there any solution?

Same problem here :frowning:

Switch is being recognised by HA and interactions from the app are being recorded in real time, but won’t activate the irrigation.

Thank you for this.
I have Tuya integration, and installed your custom git through HACS. Then I can see the Diivoo Dual but l can’t interact with the device. As showed by @juanezm.
If I try with Tuya Local, i will only get the gateway. Checking Tuya iot it states “Offline” when I look at the device it self. Gateway online. Any tips to get it up and running?

For anyone interested, I’m having the same exact issue as @juanezm using a fork of Local Tuya v3.7.0 beta 10 and filed a bug here.

Updated to 2023.7 and now Diivoo works as a charm :slight_smile: Donno if have done something or if the actual update helped sort things out (read: noooob) :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

What intergation are you using now @ johhiq?

thank you so much for this, it now shows up in home assistant with all the values, i to have the problem where it wont turn on with the switch but it will turn it off if already on, but i have also noticed i can not create a tap to automate in tuya its self to turn on the system either with a scene which makes me think its something tied to that. if anyone has any ideas on how to get this part to work that would be amazing

Thank you for sharing @illoque !