Tuya or TuyaV2 or Tuya Local

Hi all,

So I had tuya working for the 2 devices I had. heater and garagedoor opener.

After the last update everything stopped working and not sure what to install now.

In the IOT panel I have created a new cloud application and the 2 devices do show up in the tuya dashboard. However they don’t get added to home assistant.

The first run :
I have installed this : https://github.com/tuya/tuya-home-assistant through HACS and then on the settings → integrations page I’ve added Tuya V2 , basically this guide : https://github.com/tuya/tuya-home-assistant/wiki/Install-Tuya-v2 . Did a reboot and waited for about an hour but the devices are not added.


Second run :
Removed the tuya v2 , installed the Tuya - Home Assistant integration. connected and all was setup succesfully but my devices do not show up.


Clearly i am missing something but i do not know what .

Did you unlink the devices from the first cloud project when installing v2?

Yes, I have also unlinked my device from the old cloud project, so there is no connection between them

They need to be linked to one of the projects. Then you have to look at the data center they populate in and make sure it’s specified in the project.

Well yes. they are linked to the correct project as you can see in the top 2 pictures. but for some reason it isn’t syncing

The data centers for the project are they correct?


Yes they are, I had this wrong at first , and the devices wouldn’t appear in the IOT dashboard. After switching to the correct region they where added in the iot dashboard. But not synced to home assistant.

After reading : https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/57360 and https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/57245 and all these : #57403 #57375 #57384 #57347 #57360

it looks like there is an issue with the latest core version and tuya integration.

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I added this integration : https://github.com/andrey-yantsen/home-assistant-tuya-old through HACS and I can find my 2 devices again. I keep the OLD and the NEW one running for now and hopefully the new integration will pickup the devices eventually.


When I updated to Tuya V2 one of my devices did not show up in HA even though it was displayed in the Tuya dashboard. I assume that this particular device (a dual light switch) is not yet supported by the Tuya integration (it was in the old version). To make it work again I added two scenes in the Tuya Smart Life app for the device - one scene to turn a light on and another to turn the light off (well actually four scenes as it is a dual light switch!). The scenes are shown as Scenes in HA and can be triggered using the Activate Scene Action in an Automation.

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I had something similar. My switches and plugs all show up in v2. None of my dimmer switches show up. I am going to try and use the hacs old version later to see if that will work. Currently I just restored my previous back-up.

using HACS I added TUYA V2. I went to add TUYA V2 integration and it’s not there. Where is the problem?
thank you for answer
according to the instructions:
I don’t see:
in the user component is:

The Tuya v2 custom component is no longer working as Tuya is integrated into the Home Assistant

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Thanks for the information. The problem is that the thermostats return incorrect values (/ 5). I have no idea where to change it to show it right as before …

I have thermostats TUYA HY-369 ZB and in HA integrated TUYA V2. I don’t see available in entities sensor.ZigBee_04 - current_temperature and temperature. I have no idea how to gain access to these entities. These entities are available in Grafana.
Should anyone have detailed instructions on how to gain access to these entities? I don’t know much about that python.
Thank you. :slight_smile: