Tuya / Smatek "T6E" and ”S6E” 4-inch Control Panels for CCS (Central Control System) Android-based in-wall 4-inch smart display with touch screen now sold under many different brands

@blakadder after watching your videos and following your tutorial I have three of these panels (Tuya T6E) and one works well enough. Once the second one sleeps after 30 seconds it then fails to respond to wake up and drops off the adb connection. Any thoughts ? Is there a way to reflash to stock firmware so I can retry installing software ?

You can do the emergency recovery procedure Sonoff NSPanel Pro Secrets, Tips and Tricks | Blakadder's Smarthome Shenanigans

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Does that procedure work for generic Tuya T6E panel as well. I will give that a go, i believe it is going into a ‘deepsleep’ state, is there a way to avoid it. Confused as to why my other panel works…

Hello blakadder, does these emergency recovery applies to the S8E and T6E panel? Because I can’t seems to recover from my S8E panel. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have that moes panel what Blakadder reviews and as he says there is Bluetooth but not in use and i have seen lots of other brands showing they have Bluetooth. Anyone know is that true and if it’s is there way to to update moes to other os or any other way to enable Bluetooth?
Thank you for any answers.

Sorry for long post and poor English. Not my main language.

You can use Bluetooth by sideloading apps that will use bluetooth just like a normal android phone but it’s not the greatest and doesn’t work with everything

There seems to be a new one now, the P6E with a rectangular screen.

This shape would better suit our normal rectangular switches. In theory, should we be able to use the same hack for these?

I have the T6E and conneted some radiator thermostats to it, but it doesn’t show up in the list only in the Smart Life app. The thermostats works with Zigbee so what am I missing here? Other smart plugs which are connected directly to the wifi shows up on the screen.