Tuya / Smatek "T6E" and ”S6E” 4-inch Control Panels for CCS (Central Control System) Android-based in-wall 4-inch smart display with touch screen now sold under many different brands

Tuya and Smatek apparently now sells Android-based 4-inch control panel models called “T6E” and ”S6E” desiged wall mounting.

These also looks almost identical to the Sonoff NSPanel Pro by ITead (which has been hacked to make it much more useful).

Update: models made specifially designed for western-markets (North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific) are called ”T6E” while models made specifically desigbed for South-East Asia (SEA) market is apparently called "S6E".




Smatek / Tuya is selling these “T6E” and “S6E” as ODM ( Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with or without the “Tuya Smart App” smart panel application, meaning they are designed to be customized and rebranded to eventually be sold by another firm with Tuya firmware or with just an underlying Android firmware, so they will be on sale in many different configurations under several product brands/models/names by multiple companies, and so far could find for example; Smatek, Tuya, Moes T6E, Zemismart T6E, Hihome Smart Home Control Panel, Eachen 4" Touch Panel, UEMON Smart Home Control System, Aubess Ethernet Smart Control Panel, and Corui Tuya Multi-functional Touch Screen with Alex.


Specifications may vary depeding on model:

  • 480x480 IPS screen with 5-point capacitive multi-touch,
  • Android 8.1 as the currently default shipping operating system on launch.
  • Rockchip PX30 SoC with Quad-Core Cortex-A35 CPU running up to 1.5GHz and Mali-G31 GPU
    • Different models comes with 1 to 4GB RAM + 4 to 8GB ROM (storage) depending on exact model.
  • Dual-array microphone with noise reduction
  • 1 Watt speaker
  • Light sensor
  • Zigbee 3.0 gateway based on Tuya TYZS13 module.
  • BLE 4.2 and Bluetooth Mesh (Tuya SigMesh)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • RJ-45 port for 10/100Mb Ethernet wired network on the made-for-Asia models?
  • RS485 serial port on the made-for-Asia models?
  • 2 built-in power relays on the made-for-Asia models?
  • 110v @ 60Hz and and 220v @ 50 Hz
  • Size: 86x86x10mm (without back-case) or 86x86x36,6mm (with back-case), with only the back-case for the European model being 48.5x48.5x25,6mm in size. The site of only the back-case for the made-for-Asia models is still unknown(?).

Tuya official referenses:











This 4-inch model looks to be just one model in a whole new series with many other wall-mounted touch-panels from Tuya which they refer to as CCP / Central Control Panel or CCS / Central Control System).


Tip is follow Blakadder’s blog and check for updates as has had access to one for a while and looks like he keeps documenting updates on hacking it there, with the most recent updates being ADB access (i.e. rooted/unlocked) which among other things adds the option for sideload/sideloading support for loading custom Android apps and also to update WebView and more:






Rebranded OEM versions from different resellers:








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Add this to the collection - Run Zigbee2MQTT on T6E Android Smart Home Panels | Blakadder's Smarthome Shenanigans

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Does anyone know if Sonoff NSPanel Pro by ITead is a customized/rebranded “T6E” made by Tuya?

Nice, that is very cool! So looks like you first have to manually reflash the Silicon Labs EFR32 Zigbee chip with another firmware image (using a USB Serial Flasher / USB to TTL Programmer) in order to make the Zigbee Coordinator compatible with Z2M’s EZSP adapter, so should be noted that support for Silicon Labs based Zigbee adapters are listed as experimental (or “beta” stage) for Zigbee2MQTT because the code for Silabs EZSP adapter still in the relatively early development in the zigbee-herdsman library that it depends on, (and is in need of additional testers and developers before it will become more mature), see → https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman/issues/319

Should I have put this in larger and bolder text then?

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Just think that was just good to add the direct link to EZSP adapter alpha/beta discussion for reference because testers should report issues that are specific to EZSP there → [WIP]: EFR32 EZSP adapter implementation and test · Issue #319 · Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman · GitHub

Good day,
Is there router firmware for the panel?
Thank you

Not quite sure yet however there is a related request for a community-built Zigbee Router firmware here for the Tuya TYZS13 Module that it uses and Blakadder is in discussion there with a community firmware developer about that → [REQUEST] EFR32MG13P732 router firmware images for Tuya TYZS1L module and Tuya Zigbee USB Range Extender / USB Dongle Signal Repeater · Issue #24 · grobasoz/zigbee-firmware · GitHub

Thank you very much

I happened to have the S6E, its identical to the T6E but it has relays.

Inside the device, there is an APK Installer and the Smatek TyTest Application

I used the APK Installer to export the APK and pull it into my Local PC.

I then used an online APK Decompiler and decompiled the entire source code.

What I found was that by sending

adb shell echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio115/value

I was able to control the relays. But I am not sure how I can use this to integrate the relays into Home Assistant.

This is the link to the Relay Source Code.

If anybody has any ideas how to reverse engineer this, maybe get Home Assistant to send an ADB Shell Command, that would be awesome and the S6E will be able to control relays to turn on and off lights, just like a wall switch. Hence, giving full funtionality to these devices.

NSPanel Pro is identical to the T6E, both the devices use the same board and the components. Difference are that the NSPanel pro doesn’t have a ethernet port, it comes with 2GB of ram and the zigbee chip is of Silicon labs EZSP. Blakadder mentioned that the display on the T6E is superior and brighter than the NSpanel pro. I was able to flash the Rom from the T6E on the NSPanel pro and boot it up successfully. The only error i got was the zigbee chip was not ready since the NSPanel is using SI labs chip. Rest all features work as expected.

They are all using Silicon Labs SoCs but with T6E/S6E you so far also have to manually flash other firmware on that Silabs chip seperatly using a USB-to-TTL/Serial adapter as per Blakadder’s blog, see Run Zigbee2MQTT on Tuya T6E Android Smart Home Panels | Blakadder's Smarthome Shenanigans

Also see related diacussion in [REQUEST] EFR32MG13P732 router firmware images for Tuya TYZS1L module and Tuya Zigbee USB Range Extender / USB Dongle Signal Repeater · Issue #24 · grobasoz/zigbee-firmware · GitHub

Blakadder have already posted instructions on how to do all that in a series of several posts about T6E panels on his blog. See links above.

Hey, my model is the S6E that has relay controls built in with it. I had checked with Blakadder on twitter if he was familiar with how to get it to work. He suggested to look into the source code.

I have figured out a way to get the relays on the S6E to work.

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Hi all , has it some sensors? temp, hum, proxi? Thx

Cameron Gray just put up a review of this touchpanel on his Youtube channel:

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I’ve boot-looped (bricked) my T6E after installing Xposed and rebooting. Do you know any means of recovery? It’s not accessible via adb commands anymore either. :cry:

Same procedure as for NSPanel Sonoff NSPanel Pro Secrets, Tips and Tricks | Blakadder's Smarthome Shenanigans

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Great post!

I want to get the S6E version to also control some lights but on aliexpress they do not show so much info about the ram and processor. It seems like they are all the same looking at the units that do have a specification.
S6E description says separate dimmer hardware needed? I currently use dimmer module like Moes Smartlife/Tuya with hardwired momentary switch.
Should I be worried about buying so many for my home when, like my old mobiles, android support /updates disappear, or HA needs higher power browser?
Will Alexa function work after changing for HA use?

Please let me know, especially the S6E owners.
UK links show best price around 60 pounds plus taxes but processor says LX7 240Mhz which seems a lot slower than the one at the top of this thread? I’d need something fast enough to be responsive and play camera low res rtsp camera sub-stream directly or via HA.

Ali express product Link

Many thanks in advance!

have you had any luck so far with this one? i was looking at the same.