Tuya - Switch Connected but not showing all entities

Good evening community! I have several switches running through Tuya to HA. This evening I installed a fan/light dimmer smart switch. As soon as the device connected in Tuya, Alexa found “3 devices”. One for the actual light kit, one for the fan and one for the overall device. However, in HA I’m only seeing the overall device any not the switches for the device. Any way to force it to refresh or pull in the data? If Tuya is passing it along to Alexa, it has to exist for us to tie into, correct?


Disregard. It appears the Treatlife switch is the problem. I’ll be returning it.

I have this same issue. I can see in the details of the entity object that I can change the fan speed but on the dashboard, it doesn’t include it like the Tuya dimmer switches do. Any way I can add the dimmer control to change the fan speed on the dashboard?

Is there a way I can control the light dimmer as well?