Tuya TS0201 temperature sensor

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Hey guys,

just want to ask about your experience with this sensor? Ive ordered one and the sensor does not update frequently enough. It just updates a few times the day. Is someone else experience it?



Okay unfortunately no one was anwsering, I will post my experience regardless. Maybe its for someone else helpful. :slight_smile:

Ive now 4 of the Tuya TS0201 und 3 of Sonoff SNZB-02 in use.

I really wouldnt buy the tuya sensor again, because they sending data in a really low frequence.

Here you can see the difference between sonoff and tuya:


The values which you are getting are very inaccurate. The tuya sensor has a little button for initial setup. If you press this button shortly, it will directly refresh the values. Sometimes the difference of the values was around 5% on the humidity sensor. I think this is a to big difference. I couldnt get the conditions when the sensor refreshes. Its looks to me really random.

I was looking for a sensor with a display, maybe some one else can recommend a better working sensor in a low price category.

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I was looking into buying this sensor also, good thing I made a little research before.
Just to be sure, we are talking about this one : Neo Temperature, Humidity and Illumination Sensor (NAS-TH02B) Zigbee compatibility
Also from one of the 2 Aliexpress links, in the comments there are 2 persons that mentioned :

“Not suitable for Zigbee2mqtt. Pairing works, but the data from the sensor is not passed on.”


“I do not have tuya hub, I have use the Home Assistent and zha on a conbee II zegbee USB stick. I only get the battry and illuminance from the sensor. But it looks ok and have size, but not working as I want IT shold do.”

As I wanted to use it with ZHA, I think I will look into something else.

@pLeX : did you found an alternative with screen, temperature, humidity and optionally illumination?

Hi Malakai,

I was talking about this guy here: TuYa TS0201 control via MQTT | zigbee2mqtt.io

Ive decided to live with that, because I currently didnt use the values for heating, just for informational reasons.

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Yup, I have 2 of these, no good.
Same room, sensor 20 cm above the TS0201

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@francisp what kind of sensor is that in the bottom graph? Looks good to me!