Tuya TS0201 temperature sensor

Hey guys,

just want to ask about your experience with this sensor? Ive ordered one and the sensor does not update frequently enough. It just updates a few times the day. Is someone else experience it?



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Okay unfortunately no one was anwsering, I will post my experience regardless. Maybe its for someone else helpful. :slight_smile:

Ive now 4 of the Tuya TS0201 und 3 of Sonoff SNZB-02 in use.

I really wouldnt buy the tuya sensor again, because they sending data in a really low frequence.

Here you can see the difference between sonoff and tuya:


The values which you are getting are very inaccurate. The tuya sensor has a little button for initial setup. If you press this button shortly, it will directly refresh the values. Sometimes the difference of the values was around 5% on the humidity sensor. I think this is a to big difference. I couldnt get the conditions when the sensor refreshes. Its looks to me really random.

I was looking for a sensor with a display, maybe some one else can recommend a better working sensor in a low price category.



I was looking into buying this sensor also, good thing I made a little research before.
Just to be sure, we are talking about this one : Neo Temperature, Humidity and Illumination Sensor (NAS-TH02B) Zigbee compatibility
Also from one of the 2 Aliexpress links, in the comments there are 2 persons that mentioned :

“Not suitable for Zigbee2mqtt. Pairing works, but the data from the sensor is not passed on.”


“I do not have tuya hub, I have use the Home Assistent and zha on a conbee II zegbee USB stick. I only get the battry and illuminance from the sensor. But it looks ok and have size, but not working as I want IT shold do.”

As I wanted to use it with ZHA, I think I will look into something else.

@pLeX : did you found an alternative with screen, temperature, humidity and optionally illumination?

Hi Malakai,

I was talking about this guy here: TuYa TS0201 control via MQTT | zigbee2mqtt.io

Ive decided to live with that, because I currently didnt use the values for heating, just for informational reasons.

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Yup, I have 2 of these, no good.
Same room, sensor 20 cm above the TS0201

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@francisp what kind of sensor is that in the bottom graph? Looks good to me!


There is already a well known issue with a frequency of updates sent by this device. There is no a s/w solution for that so far except for h/w modifications. It’s been discussed on the github.

On the other hand I have found below information on Tuya website. It does not refer to any specific device, so one can only guess that it’s about zigbee one based on “pairing” term used in the comment.

“# What is the reporting mechanism for a temperature and humidity sensor?
Upon successful net pairing, the sensor reports its status. It then takes samples of the environment every five minutes. When the ambient temperature exceeds the preset value of the sensor by 0.6°C or the humidity exceeds the preset value by 6%, the sensor will send an alarm to TuyaSmart. Regardless of whether the temperature or humidity exceeds the preset thresholds, data will be synchronized to TuyaSmart every 30 minutes.”


Just bought this sensor as well. It paired quite quickly with my ZHA but I cannot convince it to send any temperature or humidity readings.

I see the luminosity and power though.

Any hints?

Answering to myself (though might help others reaching this thread).

It looks like it needs a pairing with a Tuya HUB and then you can connect it to ZHA. Something in the Tuya HUB makes the sensor to start reporting humidity and temperature. It will keep working until you have to change the batteries.
Here is the source of the information above:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I ordered this Orvibo device. I have one connected through ZHA and another one connected through Zigbee2MQTT.
No problems occurred with the ZHA integration, but with the Zigbee2MQTT, sometimes the sensor report the temperature with an interval of one hour during the night (or maybe it is because of the cold as I keep it in an unheated place ; during the day it generally reports the temperature every 10 to 15 minutes). The battery and humidity however are always reported at a correct interval (only temperature is affected).

The idea is that if you need a temperature/humidity sensor with a display (but a temperature reporting not that frequent as with the Sonoff SNZB-02), it could be a could candidate.


Any updates on Neo Tuya Temperature, Humidity and Illumination Sensor TS0201 _TZ3000_qaaysllp?

Does this sensor still require Tuya Gateway for initial pairing?

I just received 5 of these, and likely should have done a bit more research now that I am having the same issue. I was hoping to just use my Smartthings hub and a device handler, but I can’t seem to find anything.

Well, I have no idea what I have done. The first sensor I powered up I fiddled with several device types in IDE, fiddled with the reset button and adding to Smartthings a few times (not realizing it was auto-adding fairly quickly), but now I have it reporting Temp, Humidity, and Battery reasonably well. Powered up a second unit, and I cannot get it to send anything other than Battery.

Any luck with them ?. I have 4 of them sitting on my desk not reporting anything. They pair but don’t send any information or capabilities

It work with zigbee2mqtt

I have the TS0201 sensor but without the display, it still says TZ3000… . It runs on 2 AA batteries and has exactly the same problem. Well, almost exactly, I haven’t seen any update from it except when pairing. Short press on the reset button also does not do anything.


The sensor was sitting outside for about 20h with wild temperature swings and still no update.

I have the same sensor (TS0201 _TZ3000_xr3htd96). For pairing with ZigBee hub (I use SONOFF ZigBee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus) you need to press long (5 seconds) and let light will start to blink. Then it will connect to hub.

But I have problems with reporting readings. It works fine for few hours, after that it stop sending measurements. If I short press button it sends data again and it is working for next few hours.

Any ideas how to fix that?


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Hi everybody.

I also had a non reporting TS0201

I downloaded this quirk and put it in my custom quirk folder and now the device seems to be working.

Reporting temp and humidtiy periodically. (ZHA integration)

I will report back if it keeps it up for the long term.


This quirk is not suited for the temp sensor I have. It’s suited for the sensor with display. The sensor I have works without it.

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Hi there. Í have the same sensor as you. See my post below. Perhaps you will also have success with the quirk.

Temp keeps updating. Humidity not so much. No change in hours.


Humidity is also reporting correctly now. I think the sensor is working as it should now.