Tuya WiFi Digital Meter

I have one of this, (i bought thinking i was buying zigbee version, but no, was WiFi version…) and i can not integrate it in HA.
I tried localtuya, but my project only return “-1” in sensors id 18, 19 and 20 that it supposed to return power meter values… long story… (i discovered what id i have to read, created my Tuya IoT project,… all that i can found here and googling) but finally I can’t do it.

I am thinking using an ESP32 board to read values from 2 wire’s clamp, but I don’t know if I can do it…

So… ressuming, could you help me trying to integrate my actual WiFi meter? is one of this (https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005004845740618.html)

Do you recommend some zigbee affordable meter?

Thanks a lot.

i have the same device, also facing problems adding this to hass WiFi Digital Meter (unsupported)

same device same story, tried with “Tyua Old” and “Tuya Local” same result = Device is not supported, but in Tuya.app it works just fine.

I have the same problem, solution:(

Same relay, same problems… Smart Life see it and count, home assistant can’t…

Hi folks,

Did anyone manage to get this Tuya device working in H.A. Seems a decent price and would buy if it works.


still not, would be great if someone can figure it out

I am also looking for a solution…

My Energy Meter started working today with Local Tuya!

That’s great news. Can you confirm please it’s the one in the link above.

Tuya Smart Life WiFi Energy Meter 80A with Clamp Current Transformer App Monitor Power Consumption KWh Electricity Statistics Digital Electric 110V 220V 50/60Hz

I’ll get one on order if all is working on it.


Yes, it is the on above.

Same issue here with the Wifi version. The ziegbee version works great with HASS.

Typical… I ordered this device but the Wifi version after the confirmation it was now working.
Ruiadf, can you confirm if you are using the wifi version?
Any hints on setting it up?
I won’t have mine for a couple of weeks.


I am using the Wifi version, but to be honest I have some serious doubts regarding the accuracy of the measurements.
You can also see in the link below that more people got it working:

Having done some checks over the last couple of days, it seems that the Energy Use calculation in HA is much more accurate than in the Tuya App.
The Tuya App, shows on average 30-40% less consumption than the real value…
Has anyone noticed this?


Just to confirm The Tuya Wifi Digital Meter arrived today.

Checked with the Tuya integration 1st and it is detected as a device as:-
“WiFi Digital Meter (unsupported) by Tuya” but no entities are found.

I then installed the Local Tuya addon and the device is detected as a “WiFi Digital Meter”
After configuring it then shows 4 entities for V, I, P, Energy

At this time I cannot comment on the accuracy of the measurements. More checks needed.

Just to say the Github link above was extremely useful.


Any Update of this? I have just ordered it and It seems that is not supported in HA


Working fine in HA but needs to be installed via Local Tuya (For me).

Seems to be working well but I do need to verify measurements.


Hi again, I just chatting with the owner of Local Tuya and now is working fine with his project: Request support for [Wifi Digital Meter PJ-1103 Power Meter] · Issue #395 · make-all/tuya-local · GitHub

If someone need help in that issue he explain me how to test it :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Sadly… I suspect I am seeing the same difference with the Tuya App measurements compared to the H.A integration method.

Tuya app = 6.52 kWh
H.A = 11.06 kWh

For a days usage… More investigation needed.