Tuya ZG-205ZL Human Presence Sensor configuration woes

Has anyone had any luck getting one of these devices to reliably detect and then clear the presence of humans?

It turns out it is a 5.8GHz sensor and not a 24GHz sensor as AliExpress described it, but that is currently the least of my concerns.

I have managed to set it up to reliably detect the presence of a human when up to 6m away, but the presence sensor never seems to clear after detecting someone. The presence state goes from Away to Home and the motion sensor goes from large to small or static, but no matter how long I have departed from the area the presence never returns to Away.

As soon as I modify one of the settings it switches to Away, but then goes to Home when I walk in the area and stays that way again.

Anyone out there managed to figure out the right combination of detection distance and detection sensitivity to make it work?

Can’t really help but I just received mine and it works fine. Just except they messed the offer on Aliexpress and I ordered a wifi version instead of zigbee (as was on the picture). But besides that works fine. Don’t know if the same applies to zigbee version but i have a “Presence Keep Time” parameter in my tuya app. Try to play with that maybe.

HI @ddokupil ,

Can I ask what value you are using for the settings.
Mine are:

Fading Time/Presence Keep Time: 60s
Large Motion Distance: 6.2m
Large Motion Detection Sensitivity: 6
Small Motion Distance: 5m
Small Motion Detection Sensitivity: 8
Static Detection Distance: 3m
Static Detection Sensitivity: 8
Configuration Mode: Off

The garage side door is about 6.5m away from the sensor. These settings detect me as soon as I set foot in the garage, but the presence state never returns to Away when I leave the garage. I have tried reducing the Small & Static Motion Sensitivity, but it does not seem to have any impact.

Hi, My settings are:
Presence Keep Time: 10s
Large Motion Distance: 900cm
Large Motion Detection Sensitivity: 6
Small Motion Distance: 600cm
Small Motion Detection Sensitivity: 8
Static Detection Distance: 600cm
Static Detection Sensitivity: 8
Motion false detection: 1x
Breathe false detection: off

Don’t know what is “Configuration Mode”: If it’s Alert setting than it’s disarmed, but I guess it doesn’t change much here.

And now about 10 seconds after leaving the room I have detect state and present state both “none”.

Thanks @ddokupil .

My sensor is mounted on the ceiling above a large fridge. I am beginning to wonder if it is the fridge that is causing the issue as no amount of changing the settings seems to resolve the issue.
I even notice that when I have made the sensor very “insensitive” the presence will change to Away after 60s and then an hour or so later will switch to the Home state. Even though the garage is locked and no one is inside it…

This weekend I will try switching it to the other side of the garage and see if that resolves things.

Here is my config:

My sensor is also mounted on the ceiling.
Even though the Fading time is 1 second, it often takes a while to clear the presence in the room.

I have another model in the laundry room and depending on where it is mounted, it detects the washing machine.

To date I have not been able to get a good configuration with this model, there are many false positives, false negatives and it takes a long time to clear the presence

Thanks for the info @walberjunior . I’m glad to heart I’m not the only one struggling with this unit. I’m also glad I didn’t take up the offer AliExpress sent me to buy 4 of the units for the price of 2. :slight_smile:

I wish I had seen this sooner:

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I’ve been having a very similar issue, same device except 24GHz model. This conversation made me try something different and “so far” it has been working. I’ve set the “Static detection distance” and “Static detection sensitivity” all the way down - 0 for both. I think it kept detecting micromovements from something - in your case probably the fridge compressor.

I’ve also noticed that if I walk through the hallway on the other side of the wall, it will sometimes detect and activate as “Home”.

I also haven’t quite managed to set up this sensor yet.

@strickdd you may have someting here :slight_smile:
I set the static options to the minimum and finally the sensor is turning off and staying off when the garage is empty. I’ll do some more testing over the next few days as I want to make that if I am working in the garage but not making big movements, it continually reports the state as Home and does not keep switching to Away whenever I am too static.

Indeed, when I reduced the sensitivity to a minimum, it began to work well. However, my automation for turning on the light does not work. (((

alias: Light in the hallway
description: ""
  - platform: state
      - binary_sensor.motion sensor_presence
  - type: is_illuminance
    condition: device
    device_id: 8729ce03d32232a529fb0361f84c7b1f
    entity_id: e7be4b6f1fba2f4d459bc2834ba7c9eb
    domain: sensor
    below: 10
  - if:
      - type: is_present
        condition: device
        device_id: 8729ce03d32232a529fb0361f84c7b1f
        entity_id: 67c36c1f2cfc4de523b54643cb036e85
        domain: binary_sensor
      - type: turn_off
        device_id: 91132dedd50011854525b776edd73837
        entity_id: 74f78fd996d8efec8d433887b75d2399
        domain: switch
      - type: turn_off
        device_id: 91132dedd50011854525b776edd73837
        entity_id: 74f78fd996d8efec8d433887b75d2399
        domain: switch
mode: single

Does illuminance make any sense on this device?

Even in the night lx is over 200 which is not really possible.

I have another illuminance sensors in the same room and lx is completely different.

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Hello, I’ve a ZG-205Z/A sensor which I’m struggling to add it to Z2M via a Sonoff 3.0 dongle plus.
When pairing it up I get the following error:

Screenshot 2024-06-18 alle 16.31.21

Anyone can help?