Two runs of 12/2 or single run of 12/3

Our upstairs bedroom light/fan has a single 12/2 run which makes a fan/light combo a pain. Going to be working in the attic so want to fix this. What would be the best option: two 12/2 leaving the one that is there and just adding another OR replacing it with a 12/3? Or dealer’s choice since the end result is the same?
I do plan on replacing the single gang switch with a double gang to give more flexibility with switch options.

Edit: Looking at this from a smart switch perspective and if it’s best to have them on separate circuits going to the load vs sharing.

12/2 - sounds like aluminum wiring. Is it?

If so, I’d replace the 12/2 with 14/3 and use an oxide inhibitor and AL/CU rated connectors on any connection where aluminum and copper are joined together.

Sorry, no this is standard 12/2 w/ground Romex wiring. No aluminum.

All of my fans are 14/3 from the switch box with Zooz ZEN switches for the light and GE Fan switches for the fan itself, so shouldn’t be any concerns there.

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Perfect. Thanks!

Not sure what you mean there.

For a ceiling fan I can’t think of any reason 12/3 would not be just as capable. For any sort of new install, 12/3 from the switch box would be ny choice without other confounding factors.

In your retro-fit, situation, I’d probably go with whatever seemed simplest.

I’m in the electrical trade. 12/3 is what you want here. 2 runs of 12/2 is just more expensive because you will get an extra neutral and grounding conductor.

If the house is wired in #14, use 14/3 instead.

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Thanks all.

Since this would be two smart switches that would share the same neutral conductor going to the load (with 12/3) just wanted to ask before I started running it. Didn’t want to run into some humming or faint light glowing when one switch is on and the other off due to some oddity with the smart switches.
Have a few dozen of the GE Zwave switches in use but no other fan/light combos in the house.

For new wiring, yes, but there is already a 12/2 run in place. Arguably the 12/3 would be the more expensive, but for a single short run I doubt it matters much.

But I’d probably pull the three just in case I needed the extra hot later.

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