U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave & ESPHome/ESP32

Hello all!
As you can see from this thread: U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave best lock so far but still a failure
The Z-Wave integration from the U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave is lackluster.

I found and set up a ESP32 for this Smartdry device that was cloud bricked, please see: Clothes Dryer Automations - #130 by bryangerlach

They accomplished this via a ESP32 as the Smartdry would send it’s information over Bluetooth.

Was wondering if we could do the same with the U-Bolt Pro, but I’m nowhere near an expert on ESPHome, anyone more familiar able to verify if any of this would be related to door status/lock status/anything?


Thanks for any help!


Cool, you did already make some excellent progress.

Do you mind opening a topic here, So that we integrate it into the Theengs decoder.
Once integrated he will be available in OpenMQTTGateway and Theengs gateway.

Done! I’m still looking into the other codes, but we’ll see how far I get.


This will not continue due to privacy concerns.

Sorry, wut?

It was decided not to be added to the Theengs Decoder as they’re concerned about people with malicious intent scanning for this doorbell driving around.

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