Udevd[529]: bind failed: Address in use

Today I wanted to change the name of my port group in esxi (VM Network --> LAN).

I got this message when restarting home assistant:
udevd[529]: bind failed"Address in use
error binding udev control socket

home assistant is starting… I got a 180bpm and renamed back to VM Network but the error message remains (on console opening).

What did I break? Googling does not give me a usable answer.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: It seems there is an issue introduced in hassos 5.11 (I am not sure it is the case but that is the consensus from below).

Also I do not know how to or where to properly get this issue resolved (github?)

EDIT: To be clear. It was not me that has selected “the solution”. Frenck did do that himself. I still have the error and weird problems after posting this. Also following this with great interest.


I’ve had this today too. But for me it’s unclear what I did to trigger it. My error is the same except i have [638] instead of [529].

Is someone able to clarify if the “Address in use” refer to IP address, or something else? Because that’s what I’ve been changing today - changing other devices on my network from DHCP to static by setting them in the devices themselves. I hadn’t got to my HA instance yet.

My HA runs on a Pi4, though isn’t network accessible at the moment…

I have the same message on my home-assistant, it runs on hyper-V VM but I didn’t think I change something

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i also got this tonight. Oracle VM.

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I am having the same issue after rebooting. Running a VM on Unraid.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Running Oracle VirtualBox.

I should add that I didn’t change anything and the automations in the house seem to work. However, I can’t connect to the web interface.


Ok, so it seems to be a wider thing. Not due to renaming my port group…

I have to mention it also “seems” that all loads slower since last days after restart of homeassistant.

I also get this message in the terminal, udevd[529]. The reason I noticed is deCONZ addon no longer starts for me.
This started sometime yesterday evening (10 hours ago or so). I created an issue for the deCONZ addon, deCONZ no longer start, address already in use · Issue #1827 · home-assistant/addons (github.com), but this topic makes me wonder if something else caused the issue.

I go this same message just after update the Home Assistant OS version. It cannot start the VM (Proxmox) anymore

I updated last night and now it won’t boot. Sounds like a few of us have the same issue.

I am running the os VM inside qnap.

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I did not yet update. Was just forced to do a reboot and got the same message.
Running Supervised VM on Proxmox

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I also got this today for the first time. Running in VirtualBox on MacOS. Latest version of HA core and OS.

I removed my Conbee II stick from the VM and at least HA now boots. However deconz does not start. So it looks like a Deconz issue.
I am now making sure I have everything backed up and I will try to add the hardware again to see what happens

I am running Deconz on a separate docker image, so not sure how that would influence my boot process. The supervisor is running and I can get a terminal window, but the webinterface is not available

Having the same problem as teleksterling and having this error but with udev[638].
Any idea how to fix it?

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so since i did the Os updated last night , my usb stick once i run the Vm it stops working ( like it gets disconected )

someone crashed the os since the update …

either we need to revert back or wait for the fix .

Well, after 55 minutes my webinterface appeared again. No reboot needed, just incredible amounts of patience… still weird.

I have got the same. Updated OS and Deconz ++ to latest. Running supervised Home Assistant on Mac mini 2014 in Proxmox. During the same night the CPU went to 100% and I have a huge challenge in shutting down the VM and restart the whole server. Now everything works, but still have the udevd error message in console at login. I get really frustrated when the system goes to 100% and everything locks. I have not been able to find out what is causing it :frowning: Not sure how to troubleshoot except looking at the syslog. But from there is is hard to find what is causing the 100% CPU load. Are there any logs in HA I can use looking at CPU load?

and everything works fine ?

diferent topic …