UK alarm, wired, exposes motion sensors


Does anyone know of an alarm system that meets all the requirements in the title?


I have a Texecom alarm with a Texecom connect panel, which exposes all of the sensors so that they’re accessible through their app.

There is an API, so this should be possible, but from a quick read of their docs it’s low-level serial and UDP packets, rather than something RESTful


I wasn’t going to post this until I’d finished but I cut out the middle man and am wiring standard PIRs and smoke detectors to a Pi running flyte’s pi-mqtt-gpio via a custom breakout board.

The breakout board has selectable 3.3/5/12V and ground terminals adjacent to each GPIO and also supplies 5V to the Pi. If you are interested the board is on OSH Park. Probably best to wait until I’ve tested it fully though. They’re not cheap. $90 AUD for 3 boards + components.

I have a dual rail 125W 12V 5V power supply on a 19" rack shelf I’ve been load testing to supply the breakout boards and for plug pack replacement for a lot of other devices in the rack.


@tom_l That looks like a really interesting project! Will you do a write up when complete?


Sure - assuming it works :slight_smile: