Uk config - smart switches


I need a bit of guidance with the installation of a smart switch. I assume my switch has no neutral. On top of that, the box doesnt seem to be big enough to fit a shelly device. Given that, whats my best option? Is there any good switch that needs no neutral?


I’ve used Energenie light switches, but they require a hub and connect to their servers unless you use their raspberry pi thing which I bought but never got around to setting up. I now only have one of their light switches which does work ok.

I have been moving to Shelly ones in the light fitting itself, I find this much better and you can leave your existing wall switches alone, which is great for the wife approval factor and in my config are all locally controlled. The only issue can be fitting them in the light fitting/ceiling rose.

Does it need its own hub? i thought it might be compatible with home assistant. Looking at some posts looks like its possible, so it might be an option