UK lighting choices for house refit

My house is currently stripped back to the brick work for renovation, so starting from scratch with new wiring through the house.

Looking for any suggestions about which lighting system to go for. I’m thinking I’d like to keep the lighting simple and only put smart lighting into a few places where the idea of scenes would be useful.

I’m also thinking if I ever sell the house, the lighting either needs to be something that can be converted back to standard non-smart switches, or it needs to be something that a new owner would be able to reliably use.

Any feedback on Lutron? What I’ve read so far is that it’s a fairly closed system and that there are limited options if you don’t like Lutron style switches.

I’ve also been looking at Shelly’s. For this set up I’d get all the wiring installed assuming standard switches, (e.g. 2 way switches for rooms that need it) and then add in the Shelly’s. That would make it possible to revert back to non-smart switches in the future if needed.

Any other options to consider? Is there a wired equivalent of Shelly’s that would remove the risk of wireless trouble? Choice of light switch is somewhat important as I’d like to avoid anything to futuristic looking.

@4Jandals Might be worth having a read of this post and asking questions there if need be? Infrastructure, cabling & design