UK Smart light switches

Hi guys and girls…

I need some help with smart light switches for the uk. I’ve had a look at the back of my current standard switch which looks like the image attached

This is a 2 gang socket which controls ceiling lights and lights under the wall cupboards in a kitchen. We want to keep the same functionality.

From I see/ understand in the picture

COM - this is the Live cable - there appears to be smaller piece of wire connecting both “COM” terminals but also an individual wire feeding straight into the terminals

Neutral (blue) - this isn’t connected but is there so I assume I could buy either smart switch type (requires neutral and does not require neutral) there appears to be 4 wires in a terminal block why 4?

There are two L1 sockets at the bottom which I believe feeds the lights themselves.

If I were to buy the switch attached, how would I wire this up?

Thanks everyone

I’m not an electrician but I have a good understanding of UK electrics. It looks like to me you have 4 cables in the back box, loop-in, loop-out and your two light circuits. The cables going to the “COM” will be loop-in and loop-out and the two L1 connections will be switched-live to the two light circuits. The 4 neutrals are one for each cable.

To connect that Zigbee switch, the cables in the COM would be connected to the “L”, one circuit in L1 to “L1” in the Zigbee switch and the other L1 would go in “L2” in the Zigbee switch. The “N” would require a small cable connected to the choc-bloc with the blue neutrals.

I hope this makes sense!

Makes perfect sense I’m gonna go ahead n buy the switch…

Is using a switch that requires neutral better than one that doesn’t? I heard flickering issues with ones that don’t?


I would definitely recommend a switch/dimmer that uses a neutral. They are much better with LED and have better dimming at low levels

Which switches are you thinking of buying?

I want something zigbee based as I like to keep Wi-Fi free of “smart home tech”

I would also like something that has a physical button rather than some of these touch sensitive ones and would need to be white.