UK Zigbee Smart Sockets - Scolmore Click Smart+

Anyone used these with Home Assistant or got them to work?
I’d love to know if they’ll be any good before I buy them.

Just found their website, but not sure if they NEED the hub, or if I can pair them to my Home Assistant zigbee usb dongle.

Did you end up trying them? I just came across them too and they’re substantially cheaper than the Aurora AOne sockets (one of the few UK ZigBee sockets it seems).

I have a couple, not actually set them up yet - but they are on the supported hardware list for zigbee2mqtt, so if you are using that then you should be good to go without needing their hub.

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I didn’t end up buying them. I just went with the normal plug-in socket type that are £15 each on Amazon. Not quite as sleek as a straight up socket, but I didn’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on something that doesn’t do what I need it to do.

Ideally I’m trying to find a double gang socket that will also energy monitor the output of the plug too.

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Did anybody test this with HA already?

Just to confirm I have a single and double socket both working perfectly in home assistant through a conbee 2 usb stick with deconz

They work great for me and seem to work perfectly as repeaters even for Xiaomi aqara motion sensors which from experience have been fussy. Also they look much better that the BG WiFi sockets I’ve got elsewhere.

The double sockets can be individually controlled as would be expected.

Only two little “issues”. I say issues but they work perfectly:

The single socket appears as two entities in phoscon / homeassistant, one of these is always offline but deleting it deletes both entities. I just disable the unused one.

There’s no built in power monitoring

For less than £20 for a double socket I cannot complain at all, in fact I highly recommend them and will be sorely replacing most of our sockets with these.


Thanks for answer! @Zygorf
Can they work as router?

Yes, zigbee2mqtt shows this as a router. TS011F_2_gang_wall - TuYa 2 gang wall outlet (Router)

I tested this a little last night and it seems to work fine. The default power on behaviour is a useful feature.


How did you manage to connect your sockets to your Conbee II, I’ve purchased a click smart+ fused connection unit which I cannot get to link to the Conbee. I’ve tried through the click smart app, and Phoscon app neither seems to recognised the click smart+ device.
I do not have the click smart+ bridge, I took a gamble that I’d manage to connect it directly to the Conbee II


For me it just worked through phoscon. Unfortunately I’ve not tried the FCU, only the single and double sockets so wonder if that device doesn’t work yet

Also not sure if it helps but from the app and way things work it looks like these use Tuya software / hardware for the zigbee side of things

I got the FCU to work easily in the end, I purchase the Sonoff Zigbee adapter which I plugged into the raspberry pi running Home Assistant running MQTT and Zigbee2MQTT. Then I allowed the FCU’s to join they were found straight away. Works great am very pleased with the result also connect to ikea PIR sensors, Philips hue and Tuya switches.

Do these report power and energy?

And has anyone paired them with a Smartthings hub?

Yes, I’ve done the same, I also migrated my Conbee 2 equipment to the sonoff as well. Took a bit of messing about to reset my Philips hue lamps and my ikea sensors. Now I’ve found the trick it’s easy to do.

Just installed the ClickSmart CMA30651 with ZHA and it works out the box.

If you interested in what this really is - mine appears as a Tuya TS0001 with the manufacturer changed to _TZ3210_fhx7lk3d. It doesn’t have a custom quirk so it thinks it’s a “light” device type - but switches on and off OK.

I’ve got it connected to a panel heater and have thermostats in the room - so next job is creating some automations to switch the panel heater on and off based on real temperature (as opposed to 1 to 9 setting) and time (so don’t forget to switch it off over night).

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Great to hear you got it working with ZHA and are pleased with it! If you don’t mind sharing which Zigbee adapter did you use? I have a Conbee 2 so wondering if I will need to upgrade that to the Sonoff stick to get it connected?

I’ve just paired a number of these with a Conbee 2 and Zigbee 2 MQTT. Works great!

Automations setup to turn off my boiling tap whilst I’m not at home and overnight when my sleep routine is started! Looks so much sleeker than using smart plugs!

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I also got two of these paired up to ZHA using a Conbee stick and they work perfectly! Only slightly strange thing is they show up as Lights rather than Switches

I’ve been putting a few of these in as I explore HA. Seem to work well with Z2M and Sonoff E stick once I got it going.

I love the childlock function, but am wondering whether anyone knows a way to disable the LED’s ? There is a High / Mid / Low option, but no OFF. I’d rather not have the ambient light in the bedrooms.



@Lazy_pete Did you ever figure out if the LED can be turned off? Looking at getting some of these, but we’d like them at the bedside, which might be an issue with light.