ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro WiFi integration

I know their zwave lock can work with home assistant, but i dont have zwave running on HA (its all on hubitat). I have their zwave lock and its connected and working well with hubiat and passed through to home assistant. The issue is theres no suppot for hubitat to see what code was used to unlock the door, so i cant run person specific automations.

Does their wifi version with with HA? Im having trouble finding any information about it, i just keep seeing the zwave integration. Im guessing that probably means theres no support, but i wanted to ask. If it works, can i create and see lock codes, to automate based on who unlocks the door?



I have the same problem. Didn’t see support for wifi version.

I have the same issue, I’m already have the U-Bolt Pro WiFi but there is no integration with HA.
If anyone knows if they are planning do something, I’ll appreciate.


Same issue. I have the wifi version. No integration.

You can use Ifttt to get it to unlock and lock though, which has a delay oftentimes but works. But I would prefer a HA integration, especially since the functionality is clearly available since ifttt can do it and they have joined with HA for their Z wave version. There should be no reason not to have the integration for their Wifi Pro lock.

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my IFTTT integration doesnt work well. Ive opened a ticket with ultraloq and they gave me a few things to try, but i havent had time yet. I have an applet that turns a switch on or off based on presence, when a certain switch is off, IFTTT is supposed to unlock the door but it doesnt work right. The lock beeps like its receiving a command, but nothing happens. Hopefully whatever they have sent me will do the trick, i just havent had a chance to mess with it in a while.

So disappointing. I just got this lock only to find out it’s z-wave only integration to HA. I went for the wifi version since I have the sky-connect for HA but that’s only for zigbee. While i was waiting for it to be shipped, I found that aqara came out with matter enabled door lock too.

I would highly suggest anyone trying to get a HA integrated door lock to check that one out.

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I have the Ubolt WiFi lock as well and have it working with Home Assistant. The Ubolt WiFi lock works with smartthings and smartthings integrates with home assistant. I was hoping to ditch my smartthings setup altogether, but until Home Assistant supports these locks on their own, I’m kind of stuck with smartthings for a while. And just to think, out of all of the MANY devices in my home, the Ubolt WiFi was the only one that wouldn’t integrate with Home Assistant. Not bad when you think about it like that.


Ive got the zwave bolt on my front door. I have it paired with hubitat but cant get the user code to pass into hubitat. thats all i want, just to use a specific lock code as an automation trigger. I think i can do that with IFTTT, but im having problems with the IFTTT/uloq integration that ive got a ticket open for, but havent had time to troubleshoot with them. Its not ideal, id rather keep it local, but it might be a decent enough work around.
does your wifi lock tell what code was used to unlock the door?

Yes, this is how I got mine to work with HA

I just ended up using the Google Assistant SDK and writing a simple script that calls the Google Assistant SDK: Send text command service to lock/unlock my door.

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Haven’t used SDKs before - can you point us to some documentation or do I just Google “google assistant sdk”?

Different situation for me, I have a Z-Wave ecosystem but the Z-Wave Ultraloq isn’t compatible with Australian frequencies. Very disappointing that I paid premium for features I can’t use.

This should be sufficient to get you started.

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And if you want to get the status of the door lock see GitHub - tronikos/google_assistant_sdk_custom: Patches Google Assistant SDK integration to allow getting responses from commands to Google Assistant and enable personal results.

thats a great idea. ive got that integration working for swtichbot, used that to control my blind tilts while i was waiting for the integration to update. ill look into that for this setup, thanks!

i ended up using the IFTTT integration for this. when the lock is unlocked by a certain person, that triggers an applette and the action is to turn on or off an input boolean based on who unlocks the door and a couple of other conditions. not ideal, but it works.

Say no to connect Ultraloq via smartthings!
It delays and has almost no update from Ultraloq

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Why do you say that? I understand it might be slower and secuity risks because its cloud-based. Anything else I’m missing? This is my only Z-Wave device, so getting a controller/hub just for that its not an option for me


  • When I press “unlock” or “lock” from Home assisstant, it can unlock and lock but it take about nearly 2 minutes to complete the task. Terrible!!!
  • When I lock and unlock by fingerprint/ card or from the u-tec app: There is no change on home assisstant: No log, no history…nothing happen
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