Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave integration

Do I have to use the Ultraloq app and create an account for this lock to work with Home Assistant? Asking because I thought " Works with Home Assistant" meant it can work with Home Assistant without such requirements.

The very requirement of " Register account and add new lock in U-tec App" is anti-Home Assistant ethos.

The manual has instructions on including the lock without an app or account. Not sure if you lose out on any functionality with that method though.

EDIT: sorry, the manual does not, but the network instructions here do: https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/4115?selectedFrequencyId=-1

Curious if they actually work.

Also, there is nothing about Home Assistant in their Help section of the website. I would thought there is at least a mention would be included…
and… What does "Works with Home Assistant" even mean? - #2 by E111 - Integrations - U-tec Community

There was a bit of drama with U-tec. They were non-responsive regarding issues with their locks, and were temporarily removed from the “Works with HA” program. They’ve since made some firmware updates available (even adding it to the Z-Wave JS firmware service) and look to be more engaged, so I presume they were re-added into the program.

I think “works with home assistant” does not follow founding principle of local only. If account can be link it counts as working. Not that this is bad, just not what would be expected and may need some more thought in my meaningless opinion.

That said, it is zwave lock so presuming you use zwavejs for zwave you should look there for supported feature set. I would imagine lock, unlock, status and battery may be supported but you never know.

I would agree. However, I think it’s logical to assume “Works with Z-Wave via Home Assistant” assumes support for local only usage. Z-Wave is all about local-only and interoperability with any hub, so it is surprising that a special app and account are required.

From the original announcement:

Ultraloq smart locks connect and integrate into Home Assistant using the Z-Wave integration (Z-Wave stick required).

No mention of an account and app requirement, nor so on the integration page.

I see @mbbush was able to get the lock to pair with Z-Wave JS without the account and app.

How? How was he able to get the lock into pairing/integration mode?
This instruction set (thank you @freshcoast !) Product Network Management Instructions seem to skip over that crucial part.

The entire inclusion only lists three steps.

  • Step1
    Set the Z-Wave network main controller or hub into inclusion mode.
    (presume this means, start Z-Wave JS Add Device)

  • Step2
    Press the button 5 on the lock keypad, until you hear beep sound and the indicator light flashes blue.
    (No idea what state the lock needs to be in. Tried right after factory reset, after initial admin pin, still never get the ‘indicator light flashed blue’ state.)
    If your Z-Wave hub is Security 2 enabled and requires the Z-Wave QR code or pin code to add the lock automatically, please find it on the back of the battery cover of your smart lock.

  • Step3 (never got here yet :confused:)
    Follow the instructions of your Z-Wave hub to finish the inclusion process.

Did you try the QR code? Supposedly it supports SmartStart, which means you can scan the QR code to provisionally add it, then either factory reset or simply power-on (in a non-included state), and it would then add itself after a short time.

Thanks. No, I have not tried the QR code.

How would I scan it? At time of clicking “+ADD DEVICE” under Z-Wave JS, there is no option to either key in a code or scan in an image.

What controller (and firmware version) do you have?

The “classic method” should work though, assuming the information is correct. In that mode, in step 3 you will be prompted for the PIN.

I use this interface:

click add device on the bottom.
and get this screen:

Well that doesn’t answer my question about which controller you have, but I can guess you either have a Nortek HUSBZB-1 or Aeotec Gen5 fw 1.0. Neither of those support SmartStart unless you upgrade the firmware, so you’re stuck with Classic inclusion.

My apologies, thanks. I have a 'HUSBZB-1 by Sigma Designs (Former Zensys) ’

This is very disappointing. I am back to square one, and have to return this lock if I cannot find a way to get it working.

I cannot seem to get it to work with Home Assistant without creating an account with a third party, and rely on a cell phone app.

Instruction manual page 16 or so tells how to set it up in "Standalone"mode.
Based on instruction it seems the app is not required but they hide that bit.

You MUST factory reset it to use in Standalone mode. Once it has been connected to app Standalone mode will not work and it must be factory reset to allow Standalone.

Here is a bunch of useful info on the lock and zwave . That page includes specs and manuals on device

Thanks, i can get it to set up a local setup but Home Assistant Z-Wave cannot see the lock. That is my current problem.

If I install the app, setup an account, get the Z-Wave working, remove the account, remove the app, the Z-Wave should remain. Theoretically. :confused:

The page you linked does have something good in it, under Networking there is a step action how to start inclusion. It just does not tell how to get to that stage (step 2).

I come to realize that there is no, none, not one smart lock that does not demand an app on a cell phone at least initially, and works with Home Assistant.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I have not heard of Kwikset or Schlage requiring apps.

.maybe you do need app.

If you can return it DO IT NOW. I have some schlages that are very nice. No fingerprint but pin codes is good enough for me and I usually just unlock/ lock from HA.

I’ve had devices in past that Require app setup and I always wonder what will happen if manufacturer stop publishing app. This is not free for IOS. Can I never reset device for fear of losing access. Android it is somewhat less of an issue since you may be able to backup and side-load but IOS this is impossible. If app is required dump it now.

I was able to connect this to my Z-wave hub in standalone mode. To do so, I went to the Z-wave integration, Add Device, then copied the QR code from inside the battery cover and pasted into the Smart Start field. I had already set the lock up in standalone mode, but I had to reset it (by using the included pin to press the button on the bottom side of the interior piece of the lock). Once I did so, it appeared in Home Assistant.

I was wrong.

The Kwikset 620 Z-Wave deadbolt works without any issues. KeyMaster picked it up, without issues, and it is now functioning without anything outside of Home Assistant & HACS.