Ultraloq joins Works with Home Assistant

Today we are excited to announce that Ultraloq by U-tec has joined the Works with Home Assistant program as a Z-Wave partner.

As a partner, U-tec and Nabu Casa will be working together to ensure the best experience for connecting Ultraloq Z-Wave smart locks to Home Assistant, including testing the actual products in the Nabu Casa labs.

Ultraloq smart locks connect and integrate into Home Assistant using the Z-Wave integration (Z-Wave stick required). This means that connected locks work completely local, and updates coming from the device are instantaneously reflected in Home Assistant. This allows for the best user experience when building your smart home.

Learn more about the Works with Home Assistant partner program.

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Who is the lucky Nabu Casa employee hosting the “Nabu Casa Labs” in their garage / home office?? :laughing:


They already have a Wi-Fi Bridge that I’m sure they can easily integrate into Home Assistant, that we’ve also been asking for, for months now.


Z-wave? C’mon, get on them about a local API for the Wi-Fi bridge their other products use.


Why use a hub when you can go direct with Zwave?

I’m not aware of any equivalent to the Ultraloq Lever that isn’t proprietary.

Congratulations to the HA team on the continued expansion of Works with Home Assistant program. I had a moment of brief surprise and elation seeing the title of this blog post. Only to be disappointed after seeing it only applies to the Z-Wave version.

Ultraloq was the device that opened the rabbit hole for me into the wonderous world of the smart home. However, it was also the device that also made realize how important a locally controlled devices are. My Ultraloq is one of the first and only cloud connected smart home devices. Unfortunately, the Z-Wave version was not around when I dove into this rabbit hole.

Ultimately I am very glad to see Ultraloq working with Home Assistant in any capacity, because it is a step in the right direction, and I am hopeful for continued collaboration and expansion to the Bluetooth versions of the locks. I would love to hear from the HA dev team if they are working on this!

There is a (still active) forum post requesting support for Ultraloq that is >4 years old. There is also an active feature request in the Ultraloq forum, requesting an official Home Assistant integration. Hopefully these will still be implemented! The Z-Wave version of the locks still have bluetooth, and the Z-Wave versions are not sold in all markets, so there is still much to be gained with a full first class integration, especially one utilizing local bluetooth and/or local APIs!


I’d be happy to switch over to Z-Wave if they had a Z-Wave version of their UL-1 Combo Lock (lever and deadbolt). It’s worth noting this is a BLE device, so I could envision there being a way to get their with HA and bluetooth…

I have an early U-Bolt Pro (from Kickstarter) with the wi-fi bridge, sitting in a box with a broken fingerprint reader. I would happily put it back on one of my doors if it could integrate with HA (reliably) over wi-fi, either locally or through the cloud. How hard could that be?

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Hoping for WIFI bridge support…

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Will any of their locks work in the Nordics? To my knowledge we have different type of locks compared to what they have in the US.
I tried asking Ultraloq support but couldn’t get a real answer…

Could be helpful towards reverse engineering the communication between the Bluetooth version and the phone.

+1 for local API access for the WiFi version of the lock

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Bluetooth as well. The entire product line lol.

Anyone with some spare time and a Bluetooth lock want to attempt this?

I volunteer as tribute!

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I have been asking Ultraloq directly for this for years. They already have a wifi bridge that could connect to home assistant. Currently I do it trough “if this the that” but its slow and not local.

@jimjames said it all.

…November 3. 2022: Ultraloq ZERO active installations. I’m sure there are many more Bluetooth (all Ultralog users?) and WiFi installs from the kickstarter days. Preaching to the choir here :wink:


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I don’t think that number is accurate or means anything for brand pages, at least Z-Wave. There are clearly Ultraloq Z-Wave users in these forums. Installation via the brand ultimately goes through the Z-Wave integration, where usage is tracked. HA is not tracking or keeping statistics about which Z-Wave devices are being used (but Z-Wave JS does, with permission of course!).

That makes sense. Thanks!

I have no z-wave devices so I’m looking for a WiFI or Bluetooth Ultraloq integration.