Unable to Add HomeKit Device - Can I Manually Configure? - FirstAlert OneLink

Update: The Safe and Sound that I have worked, but died Feb 2023 and MFD 2019 Jun. As of now, OneLine says will not replace, 3yr warrant on device, 5yr on battery, but they are “one device” so it doesn’t matter? Basically, they are saying, tuff luck. I’m doing the “supervisor” request thing, will update if they replace. For the $, not worth it IMO. Get a simple Fire Alarm and be done w/ it. Wait for another manufacturer to come out w/ compition.

I have a HomeKit compatible First Alert OneLink Smoke Alarm (OneLink Wired AC14 , NOT Safe and Sound) and it’s not being found by HomeAssistant.

Can I configure this manually somehow? Or worst case, where should I request support for device? Any ideas whats the issue? Device is working, able to control via Android App.


PS: HA says “No unpaired devices found”

PSPS: This post a user says he got “Safe and Sound” to work but another user (I suspect w/ same model as me, says he couldn’t get it to pair with HA)

I still haven’t gotten one, so I can’t speak directly for the OneLink, but I know that with a few of my other HomeKit devices, I’ve had to add it to my actual HomeKit home, then remove it before it would show up for Home Assistant. Have you tried pairing it directly with HomeKit itself yet?

I don’t have a homekit hub or anything Apple lol is that something I can try without buying more hardware?

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Any progress on this?

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Not on my end, but I’m quite disappointed, I was under the impression HomeKit was fully supported in HA. I don’t really know much about HomeKit, can I set it up in a Mac VM? I’m considering a full Android VM w Tasker to control functionality with Tasker but thats quite a lot of work and prone to be unreliable.

Struggling with this as well. The market for smart connected smoke detectors is, well, barren at best… and this appeared the most likely winner given it was HK connected, so I thought odds would be in my favor (and a cursory glance at google results showed promise.) However, I am unable to get HA to find it as an HK device, despite countless attempts, resets, various methods, etc.

As someone who spends half his time in a remote location, having a smart connected system like this is a big deal for me so I’m open to suggestions.

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Glad to see im not the only one, but were can we post to get support added or report bug??? Is there a github place?

I was able to get mine to work. You need to not have it paired to any devices currently. So if you have it setup in the OneLine app. You need to factor reset it (Press Test 3x).

Once it is booted back up I went to the Home app on my iphone and I tried to add accessory. This first ask for a code so I tell it that I do not have a code and it found some local devices. And I clicked on the device. This then asked if I wanted to allow the device to scan the wifi network.

Once it was on the network then HA was able to see it. But it said it was already pairing with another device. So I power cycle the device (pulled the power from it) reinstalled it back in the ceiling and then HA asked me to enter in the code.

Once code was in I am able to use it as needed. It used to be easier but iOS 14 added extra security to it all so device is no longer on wifi network by default so HA can never detect it. But doing above steps I got both of mine working without issue.

You can then go back into the Home app and add in the speaker by itself this will allow you to have a custom name for Airplay 2 so you can actually know what speaker is what.


@conflipper How is the onelink alarm actually working for you in this type of connection to HA through HomeKit?

Do you only have one alarm?

I see you get sensor data, is it real time?

If an alarm is triggered, can you take any actions from HA?

Still looking for a smart replacement for my interconnected hardwired system of alarms, with the ability to add a couple wireless extensions that can still plug into HA.

I am in the same boat :frowning:
Looks like those smoke alarms are not all the time connected to the WiFi. I have five of them and I can see the ones in reach of Bluetooth when I try to add them to Home App on my iPad. Once I turn off Bluetooth I don’t see them anymore. Also when I check my router I don’t see them connected.
I think that is why HA can’t see them unlike my Rachio that one is connected to WiFi at all times and I have no problem seeing it in Home App and HA using HomeKit Integration.

I think part of that is that they pushed an update out last week it seems and now mine won’t connect to WiFi at all. Factory reset and go through app to connect it in all not even trying to do HA. And it fails to connect. Really annoying me.

@conflipper Has anything changed with regard to HA connectivity? I’ve got a house full of old hardwired smoke alarms that I’d like to replace with newer hardwired versions. Obviously it would be great to have them connected to HA. :slight_smile:

Don’t know how many detectors you are planning to replace, but at $200 a pop, maybe this (listening device that connects) or this (integrating via a relay) would be more sensible options for you.

I can say I got the Safe and Sound hooked up easy, still not this one. But, they are interconnected, I’ve yet to see if an alarm on one can cause a trigger in HA via the other one? If so, that would be ideal, many of this unit (cheaper) and one “safe and sound” central hub like one, but we shall see, Winter is coming, I’ll likely get to tinkering then.

Just installed the Onelink with Alexa Model# 1039102, paired effortlessly with HA via the HomeKit Controller Integration after initial setup via the Onelink App, so far I see light switch that allows you to control the Night Light, and have 3 sensors, 1 for Battery, 1 for Gas, and 1 for Smoke, , see screenshots below, the firmware is provided by Homekit as seen in the screenshot below, but it’s not exposed as an entity nor as an attribute, I would like to track the firmware updates if possible, so if anyone knows how I can accomplish that please let me know.

So far, I do not see any way that you would be ale to silence or test the alarm via HA.





I was going to buy a few of the Smoke/CO (non-alexa) hardwired units because Lowes had them on clearance for $28. Saw this thread and was having second thoughts, now the price is back up to over $110. Instead I bought two of the Safe and Sound units, $67 on clearance. The store had 3, 2 were open box and one of those two was missing the ceiling bracket so I bought the other two.
Installed one so far, interlink worked right out of the box with my other First Alert/BRK wired smoke/CO alarms so I only need to replace one and not spend 2 grand doing the whole house (hello Nest).

I connected it to the Apple Home App first on my wife’s phone which got the wifi setup. Then to the OneLink app, paired immediately, then I disconnected it from Apple Home and it immediately showed up as an available integration in Home Assistant. Working great now :slight_smile:
Seems like I have old firmware…


I’m thinking of getting these smoke alarms, are they all still working well with HA? @vilord

The “safe and sound” one still works great!

I haven’t set up homekit Bluetooth yet so this is still the only one in home assistant