Unable to receive messages using Signal Messenger addon / Node-Red integration

Hello all,
i am having an issue to receive a message in my iphone: +4915153858265 / recipients/receive
My server is a raspberry pi 5.
here i installed:
hassos: “12.3”
homeassistant: 2024.6.1
hostname: homeassistant
logging: info
machine: raspberrypi5-64
operating_system: Home Assistant OS 12.3
state: running
supervisor: 2024.06.0

  • signal addon(0.83.0) + Node-Red (17.0.13)

How you see:
i have 2 phones:
1.- sender: +4915566671213
2.- Recipients: +4915153858265

Both phone-number have been register successfully. (register, with captcha, verify code)
I configured the mode: json-rpc
i can from my “notify.signal” Services send a message ,
We can see the message in node-red: “DE TEST4” (debug section)
But in my phone, i don’t receive anything.
Need to do anything in my phone: for example install
the signal App and register my phone.
1.- When if the case, which phone i need to install the signal app and register?
2… I was too in docker of signal
docker exec -it addon_1315902c_signal_messenger /bin/bash
to see error messages, but don’t found any special messages that help me to understand the issue.
only that i see in ps -aux:

Maybe anyone has an idea/suggestion.
thank you for your support.

You do not have signal on the phone? You need to have signal installed on the mobile devices you want to send messages to.

Hi @Mikefila,thank you for your reply.

Question: you mean ONLY in the phone that is recipients/receive ==> +4915153858265
Here after the signal app installation and configuration.

My test with notify.signal/services not work more.

and when i execute this command in homeassistant: i have only now 1 phone number registered (only phone-number sender). After the install signal app and register in phone-number receive (+4915153858265)

curl -X GET -H “Content-Type: application/json” --data ‘{“use_voice”: false}’ ‘

A question please:
1.- in signal addon., i need to register only the phone-number sender or [[i need to register both (phone number sender and phone receive/recipient) - That i did in my first part of test]?
2.- I need to install/register the signal app only in phone receive/recipients or i need to install/register the app in both phones?

Thank you for your support.

If this is your mobile number, you can’t send a message to yourself. The sender number does not need the app. The receivers do.


Thank you Mikefila for your feedback!

Now i can share how i get to work how i understand.!

Plan is from homeassistant to send a message per:
1.- HTTP → curl command
2.- Service/formular → notify.signal

Note: how share the colleague LEWI,
Important: if you use for signal addon mode json-rpc , the receive DON’t WORK directly by HTTP, work only with websock → NODE-RED example.

Here my details:
i have 2 phone number
phone sender = +4915153858265
phone receive/recipients = +4915566671213

i install´the homeassistant directly in my raspi PI 5,
cat /etc/os-release
NAME=“Alpine Linux”
PRETTY_NAME=“Alpine Linux v3.20”
BUG_REPORT_URL=“Issues · alpine / aports · GitLab

I install too, 1 addon –
signal messenger HERE AN IMPORTANT POINT, USE please Version : 0.84.0

After install and configure how i showed to you,
you need to add this part in /homeassistant/configuration.yaml

  • name: signal
    platform: signal_messenger
    url: “http://1315902c-signal-messenger:8080” # the URL where the Signal Messenger REST API is listening
    number: “+4915566671213” # the sender number
    recipients: # one or more recipients
    • “+4915153858265”

Don’t forget after to change the config, restart the homeassistant.

Now the point that cost me so many time.
A) you need to register only the phone-sender (+4915566671213)

curl -X POST -H “Content-Type: application/json” --data ‘{“use_voice”: false}’ ‘

Generate the captcha → Signal
You get as example: signalcaptcha://signal-hcaptcha-short.5fad97ac-7d06-4e44-b18a-b950b20148ff.registration._cXdQx-kUw4T4aHjxf204zlN

curl -X POST -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d ‘{“captcha”:“signal-hcaptcha-short.5fad97ac-7d06-4e44-b18a-b950b20148ff.registration._cXdQx-kUw4T4aHjxf204zlN”, “use_voice”: false}’ ‘

curl -X POST -H “Content-Type: application/json” --data ‘{“use_voice”: false}’ ‘

If you have completed all steps , take care you need ONLY that to do for phone sender.

For phone - receive/recipient. You don’t need to register in homeassistant.
You need to install in this phone - receive/recipient the app signal and register with the QR of you homeassistant →

After that i have following in homeassistant:
docker ps

in /configuration.yaml

Now for test:
a) i can do directly by CURL

So see the result

or B) by notify.signal
go to Developer Tools >> SERVICES/ search notifiy.signal

so the result:

I hope the steps help a new person that will install this nice addon

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