Unable to update HA or Supervisor

For weeks my home assistant has been stuck trying to update the Home Assistant Supervisor, I’ve restarted Ha and the host (Pi4) multiple times to no avail. Same thing happens when I try to update HA itself.

The installation is Home Assistant OS and nothing else installed on the Pi.

Update - I just tried doing a backup and it says “Creating a backup is not possible right now because the system is in startup state.”. Maybe this is behind why it won’t update!

Similar issue minus the PI,
Lenovo laptop with a USB Bluetooth dongle.
Home Assistant 2022.11.2
Supervisor 2022.11.0
Operating System 9.3
Frontend 20221108.0 - latest
~20GB free on SSD

Indicators just sit and spin, not really seeing any kind of errors reported.
Full reboot and retry of supervisor first fails.

This is probably due to the dependency change, a manual fix is probably required.
I was able to upgrade supervisor using the second script method via curl.