Unable to update hassio on raspberry to 0.94 (like 0.93.2)

I know this issue is already mentioned in this incident below but it might not be noticed (Unable to update hassio on raspberry to 0.93.2)

It is not possible to update to hassio 0.94:

Are you sure your Pi can access hub.docker.com ? The 2 images your machine cannot get are there.

Thank you for your fast reply. But I don’t know how and why access should be blocked from my PI. Should I add hub.docker.com as a repository ?


solved for me with a reboot: I have rebooted the RPi and after the boot the .94 was installed.

Hope can help.


Docker pulls images from hub.docker.com automatically is the image is not already local. You should be able to ping hub.docker.com from you Pi. If its DNS servers are incorrect, that could be your issue.

Also be sure date & time are correct on the computer. That can affect whether it accepst dome ssl certificates.

I can’t ping it from anywhere.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>ping hub.docker.com

Pinging us-east-1-elbdefau-1nlhaqqbnj2z8-140214243.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com [] with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.

OK, they are blocking ping :frowning: I assume you can browse there from your Windows machine.
If you Pi has a web browser you could try browsing from there. My Pi has no browser so I dod not think of that earlier.
The fact you got a dns name proves dns is working. Do you see a similar amazonaws response from your Pi? You could try nslookup hub.docker.com

I can.

DNS lookup works from my Hassio SSL session. So that would be a good test for @MrBorg to try.

@MrBorg did you check free space already?

Well space problem was yesterday - I deleted a lot of full snapshots. But Now after a couple of power failures today my Hassio-RPI3 will not start up.

I can see lines saying something like: “device vethxxxxx entered promiscuous mode” and then after some lines it left promiscuous mode. And then a lot about docker and this just keeps listing up and my hassio RPI does not start up - (OMG I might have lost everything now):cold_face:

Do I have major Docker problems or what?! These lines comes just after restarts and Login is about to start after the line: Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Stack… and Login and welcome to HASSIO is prompted and then these lines just appears. I can press CTRL C and it stops for a while and it starts to show lines again. I cannot enter with putty either so even if the start up got to the Welcome-line it did not get access to network ??