Unhealthy state

Normally I would say ‘Worth a try’ but this is my production system and I try to avoid using it for experiments. Unless someone can confirm that system stability is guaranteed, I can’t chance it.
(Having said that, it’s not exactly stable in its current state … )

I have it running on a spare laptop. I’ll fire it up tomorrow morning and check.

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https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=network-manager looks like ubuntu 20.04LTS has network-manager-1.20.10

Updating to 20.04LTS on your production system carries risks too!

Surprise… it’s going to be v1.0.0 not 0.119 (although that still exists at the moment in dev) But v1 is the next version and is being announced/released at the conference on the 13th.

You can get 1.18 of network manager by adding this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~rvoegeli/+archive/ubuntu/network-manager?field.series_filter=bionic

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This was my concern when they originally intended to deprecate supervised… I’m lucky I picked Debian years ago and that is supported however when they said ‘will work for now’ that was a shot over the bows to get on a supported platform ASAP… otherwise… this happens.

@kanga_who you might need to deprecate the “install on ubuntu 18.04” howto. Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Ubuntu 18.04.4

It could be modified to install the ppa I just referred to in my last post to get an updated network-manager, but I think other breakages are gonna come in due course.


I’ve been thinking about doing that, this sort of thing happening just confirms it is a good idea.

I see you have done that. Can I suggest adding:

Ubuntu 18.04 does not have the minimum version of network-manager required by a supervised install, and as from supervisor 2020.12.06 you will get errors about having an “unsupported” installation and an “unhealthy” system. This will prevent you updating.

You can indeed, good add :+1:

I had networkmanager.service disabled on Nuc with Ubuntu 18… because of zwave problem on reboots. Fix for my unhealty install was to enable networkmanager.service and update it with link from @nickrout, everything was ok after that. Then upgraded Ubuntu to 20.04.1 LTS and also everything ok.

I agree. It should have been mentioned in breaking changes. Having had some bad experiences from not doing so earlier, I always read them thoroughly. But I would have gone on to Debian 10 sooner or later anyway, so I’ll go for it today. Fingers crossed…

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let me know how it goes and what you needed to do to get it done, please.

I’m still running Debian 9 myself and dreading doing the upgrade since everything is “just working” (except for a stupid memory leak I can’t find).

I’m a bit worried.
I followed the instructions on several sites for upgrading to Debian 10, but it seems to require skills far above my linux level. Lots of packages that fail to upgrade, missing this and that, and so on. It’s been running without problems for 3 1/2 years, so I guess it’s had time to get a bit messy.

So, now I’m facing some alternatives:

  1. Install Debian 10 and Home Assistant Core from scratch. (Hoping that I have a good enough backup before i destroy my NUC installation)
  2. Install Home Assistant OS
  3. Windows 10 with HA installed on docker?
  4. Other options?

The NUC won’t be used for anything other than Home Assistant.
What should I do?

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by …

Thanks for the tip. Seems like the most painless way to get a more recent version of Network Manager on 18.04 but the ‘unsupported/untrusted’ aspect makes me leery. For a short-term fix, I think I’ll upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 on the existing old hard-drive; long-term fix will be Debian 10 on a new SSD. Should’ve paid closer attention to the Black Friday sales for computer components … :man_shrugging:


Upgraded the production server from 18.04.5 to 20.04.1. Took a long time (over 90 minutes vs 20 minutes for a similar machine equipped with an SSD) but now Network Manager is at version 1.22.10 and there’s no longer any error/warnings about it. The ‘unhealthy’ indicator is gone but ‘unsupported’ remains for the obvious reason that this is still Ubuntu (not Debian).

Hopefully this will tide me over until I can get around to buying an SSD, installing Debian, and creating a completely new installation of Home Assistant Supervised.

Install Debian 10 and supervised.

FWIW, I hit this very issue yesterday (Supervised “running rogue” on Ubuntu 18.04), and installing host OS updates (including a new Docker version) and a reboot seemed to get me going. Certainly not claiming that this is a fix, but it might be something low-impact to try. Based on this thread, it sounds like I might look into a newer Ubuntu version as well.

I don’t remember any issues when I did it… I think it was as easy as editing sources…

What version of network-manager are you running?

Can I just ask… did the maintainers know in advance that the updated Supervisor would break the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installs ? Please don’t just retort ‘it’s unsupported’

I imagine only the developers managing Supervisor can answer that. Otherwise, it’s just speculation.

FWIW, whether they knew or not, they aren’t obligated to consider the impact of their changes on anything that they don’t support.

Yet that’s the primary reason they aren’t obligated to consider the impact of their changes.