Unhealthy system - Supervisor update failed

I have this problems, what could I do?
I can’t update homeassistant supervisor or homeassistant core, they both give me error.
I tried the solution to this link Supervisor was not able to update - Home Assistant but doesn’t work

Try this:

ha supervisor repair

Also which version are you running?

I tried and after “command completely successfully” the ha res info command makes the same output as above.

Home Assistant Core 2022.11.4
Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.11.2

Ah there is a specific issue with that version let me find it…

EDIT: no actually the issue was with 2022.11.0, Supervisor November beta issue impacting users on Home Assistant beta/dev channels

So it is unrelated and that won’t help.

What is your DNS set to?


Seems to be related to backup.
Do you have enough space for a backup?