UniFi Access API

Non that Ubiquiti Official Access API were released (https://community.ui.com/questions/The-UniFi-Access-API-Is-Out-Now/79c295a9-c127-4909-a3d0-f3ea2e142b0a) it will ve possible to have an integration?


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There are integrations out there to control Unifi Network and connect with Unifi Doorbells.

This looks like a fit for them?

as much as I like the current integration, it doesn’t have all the tools for the Door (Access) section which since yesterday has been made available through the API (except for those who have activated UID) where it is possible to monitor the status of the doors ( open/closed), open the door and much more.

Got it, so you want existing integration to be updated with it, no need a separate integration.

There is an official thread of Unifi Network support, you can reach the owner over there

Oh thanks! I didn’t think I could do that, it felt like I was disturbing

There is a proposal to connect through GitHub repository when in need.

It fits better as a separate integration. I will not buy that system so it’s better if it’s developed and maintained separately by someone who is invested in it :slight_smile:

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But Unifi Access api requires you to have this, right? At least, in documentation, it is said that you should generate some kind of link/code from console.

exactly and you can’t activate the APIs if you have activated their UID system

AFAIK it needs a unifi console but the access application is separate from the network application and protect application. Consider it a separate hosted service which it is


I want this to, & this should be it’s own integration as it is its own Application & Service.
For any one that is interested in looking at the Unifi Access API Documentation.

Absolutely, Unifi Networks and Unifi Protect are already separate integrations, it wouldn’t make sense to bundle Access in either since it’s a separate service anyway.

I have a couple of weeks off coming up, I may try to start a custom integration for this if no one else is already working on it, I’d really be keep to get rid of my physical relay and replace it with a nice api call.


Great! Lemme know if you need some testers.

I’ll second @Sireone, I don’t have time to write an integration, but I have an environment available for testing purposes.

Hey y’all
I am new to Home Assistant dev but I put together this Unifi Access integration this week. It’s in alpha stage right now but it’s working for me and I’d appreciate some testers/feedback etc. Please open issues on the issue tracker.


I got covid and have been out of it all week, you beat me to it. Nice !
I’ll set that up and start using it too

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Nice job, will follow the updates with great interest. Are you planning on continue to add the new API features that are being rolled out in the latest updates too?

@kanzie yes! I am currently working on using the websocket api to get instantaneous updates as well as doorbell notifications. I am hoping to wrap that up soon. it requires a newer version of the access app but the integration will still offer polling as an option. If you’d like anything specific to be added, please create a github issue :slight_smile:

I just created something similar for Hubitat and while I’m looking into switching over to HA I was about to recreate it here. Glad to see it’s already done, and even happier to see it was someone I recognize. Thank you!

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Thank you so much Anis for your contribution, if you need a test environment I’m here to help!