Unifi device_tracker state changes intermittently then freezes


I have been having an issue with the unifi integration and the presence detection (device_trackers) only changing state twice after a reboot and then freezing in their state. The client list within unifi is always correct and I can see in the aiounifi debug logs the devices coming and going. But after a couple of state changes the device_tracker entity fails to update again until home assistant is restarted.

I’m not sure if this is a configuration issue or a bug for me. I do notice the below anomaly in the debug log but otherwise there are no errors. Is this my problem?

[aiounifi.controller] Unsupported message type {'meta': {'rc': 'ok', 'message': 'device:update', 'mac': 'xxx'}, 'data': [{'model_eol_date': None}]}

I have just transitioned from a venv install on an Ubuntu VM to HassOS on a Pi 4. It worked on my previous install but I was running an older version of Home Assistant.

Host: HassOS 3.13
Home Assistant: 0.111.4
Unifi Controller: 5.13.29 (running on separate VM, both syncing to same external time server)

Any help or ideas much appreciated.


Might be worth while writing up an issue on GitHub so Robban will see it.

Thanks Petro. I have posted it on GitHub now too. Linked here.

Did you end up resolving this issue? Noticed it was occurring during 0.113 for my setup

I am still having this issue since like 2-3 months ago. Basically the state works for a while then it no longer gets updated.

No, I still have this issue unfortunately. I posted some further info on the issue I raised on GitHub which may be good to compare with. My next step is to start with a clean HassOS install and just add the Unifi integration to see if that works.

I ended up moving to a node red solution that works off the unifi controller events log.