UniFi Network integration - official thread

It’s being done by a community member. Unfortunately (sic) he got a kid and it’s paused right now. Add Traffic Rule switches to UniFi Network by ViViDboarder · Pull Request #104671 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

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Oh no :frowning: yep, definitely needed to pause. I appreciate the status update thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry, maybe I’m missing out on something, but why doesn’t this integration provide any useful status sensors? Like current WAN IP, current WAN download throughput, current WAN upload throughput, etc. There used to be a custom integration called “unifi status” which was able to provide this kind of data to monitor the network, but it doesn’t work anymore. If anyone has an idea how to get these kind of values into Home Assistant, I would be grateful. Thanks!


As you say other components provided that value previously and my interest so far has been more in tracking and controlling devices. It can of course be expanded to do more.


As said above, I would highly appreciate some status sensors to monitor the network.

2 minutes of googling showed me the Unifi PHP APi, that surely has the statistics. It would be amazing if you would put in the effort to get this going yourself, or give @Robban a ton of money for the (free!) work he’s done so far.


Your aggressive tone is completely inappropriate. Do this stuff elsewhere on the Internet.


Feature Request:
Additional information regarding the state of devices.

The U7 Pro AP still has a memory leak resulting in downstream meshed APs losing their adoption. I have created an automation to resolve this issue once the meshed AP is in an “Adoption Failed” state, but I would like to be proactive. Currently this is not possible due to the lack of information available within the Home Assistant integration.

Would it be possible to add additional sensors for device details such as (most important to least):

  • Memory usage
  • Channel usage
  • Load average
  • Mesh Child(ren)
  • WiFi Experience (2.4 / 5 / 6)


I’ve added your request here Additional information regarding the state of devices · Issue #622 · Kane610/aiounifi · GitHub this is not a promise of implementation, I’ve spent quite a lot of time on UniFi over the last year and I’m trying to improve my other integrations as well


As a new user of the integration, I’d like to check something that I couldn’t find on this post, the forum or the docs.

I’ve enabled rx/tx sensors and disabled the bulk of them, because I’m just looking for overall values.

I saw the sensor.rx and sensor.tx sensors and it looks like it’s what I’m looking for (having looked at the history now for those sensors).

Are those the overall rx/tx sensors?

As a related question, I also saw sensor.none_rx and sensor.none_tx. What could that be referring to?

Note: My network is set up with a single site (“Default”), in case that matters.

There are no common reporting of rx/tx right now, its probably a client without a name.

Also probably a client with a bad name

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Thanks for the feedback.

Is this a future possibility, or something that’s fundamentally not possible for this integration?

Unfortunately, my UDR doesn’t support SNMP out of the box. I’ve considered installing it manually, since using it is my first choice.

I’ve also come across a Python script using the router’s API, but haven’t had time to test it. It will require polling though, which is also not ideal. I suppose, if implemented, the integration would do it this way too.

It depends on how it is provided from the network app

Hey all!

Another month and Home Assistant 2024.4.0 release with changes in the UniFi integration.

@xconverge identified an issue with how the integration identifies if UniFi is hosted on Unifi OS or not. Lets hope some of the reconnection issues previously reported was caused by this. Thanks!

This release brings a lot of internal improvements to support expanding the integration in the future.

Just to re-iterate that use local accounts for your Home Assistant connection as cloud accounts will get mandatory MFA and will not be supported.

Try these features out during the beta, feedback is appreciated.



Home Assistant 2024.4.0

Home Assistant 2024.4.0 Beta

aiounifi library v76 change log

For feature requests of the integration post an issue at aiounifi github

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