UniFi Protect Blueprints

Nope. 10 charrrr

Hi an thanks für your quick fix for the Package Cam, now it shows me the right one!

The Link to the Portect App work for me, but your right, it tooks some Time to open, when im not in my W-LAN.

Unfortunately I have another question:

Is it possible to add to the Smart Detection Notifications blueprint that notifications come between certain times, even though I’m at home? At night I would like to be informed if someone sneaks around the house.

Thanks in advance

Nope. 10 charrrr

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Unfortunately, I have the next problem again:

I have selected “google_translate_say” as the TTS service and get the following error message:

Logger: homeassistant.helpers.script
Source: helpers/script.py:661
First occurred: 19:48:22 (2 occurrences)
Last logged: 19:48:22

Error in 'choose[0]' evaluation: In 'template' condition: UndefinedError: 'dict object' has no attribute 'data'


Logger: homeassistant.helpers.template
Source: helpers/template.py:1840
First occurred: 19:48:22 (2 occurrences)
Last logged: 19:48:22

Template variable error: 'dict object' has no attribute 'data' when rendering '{{ (wait.trigger.event.data.action == unlock_action or wait.trigger.event.data.data.endswith(unlock_action)) and lock_entity_id != '' }}'
Template variable error: 'dict object' has no attribute 'data' when rendering '{{ (wait.trigger.event.data.action == silence_action or wait.trigger.event.data.data.endswith(silence_action)) }}'

Any ideas to fix this?


What type of Lovelace view are most people using for these blueprints?

A view with all of your cameras? Or hidden ones with an individual camera?

I’m trying to find a way to click into the notification and have it start playing the live feed without additional clicks. Curious what’s the preferred method for this.

Thanks for this! I was messing around with this. Would actually love to see links to blueprints like this on the integration page itself. I saves so much time searching for things like this.

I have a VPN set up which makes the app ignore the remote connection. Sadly, this only works if you’re connected via Wi-Fi. If you’re not connected via Wi-Fi it’ll use the remote connection regardless if it can access the local one. I’ve placed a request to get that fixed, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

I am missing a bit to send a notification to my speaker group announcing someone is at the door. I’m going to yam it in this one, but if people like the option I can try and update the blueprint with it.

I made one for the doorbell specifically. I set it up so it’ll start a live feed right away. I also added a small sound board for quick responses and a button to open the protect app in case I need to talk back.

If there isn’t a rush, I use the protect app to view since I’ll need the history most of the times to see what the dog did. :sweat:

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Nope. 20 charrrr.

Interesting, thank you for sharing. Are you using the WEBRTC viewer or standard version for the live feed?

Nope. 20 charrrr.

Looks great, is there any plan to support opening gate (cover entity) in addition to lock in the doorbell blueprint? That would be really useful for me.

Standard at the moment, but I’ll look into the webrtc since Alex makes it sound better to use. :joy:

Because the standard feed takes some time, I have a message I can send saying it takes a while for the stream to load. :wink:

I wasn’t referring to the one you made, but basically all blueprints related to this. Having a feed per tag and showing that on the page should be do-able right? The blueprint related to Hue could be shown on the Hue page, etc. Search for the correct blue print is more effort then it should be I believe. But that’s for an other tread I guess. :joy:

No I only need one URL. I mean I have a VPN for the ProtectApp because it’s slow. That by-passes the cloud and it’s really fast then. Hench why I have a link to it on my HA page for the doorbell. I setup a DNAT for the internal URL. That fixed the issue I have with sending the feed to my hub when I’m home.

I have it in a separate one now. But since the list of automations is becoming quite long I kind of want to group it all in one. Have a grouping option for scripts would help so I can just call them one by one in an automation. But have that long list at scripts. For instance one for updates. Since I can’t do them all at once if there are more then one, I’d need to plan time in between the options. :face_with_monocle:

If you don’t use locks it shouldn’t take much effort to swap the lock out with a cover option.

Nope. 20 charrrr.

Hello, I am currently the smart detection notifications with 2 G4 Bullet and it works fine with the camera streams via nabu casa connection and notify via APP.
But the visualization of the stream is qute slow.
Is it possible to get a Snapshot of the camera in the notificaton instead of the camera stream?

Nope. 20 charrrr.

I have a problem with configuring doorbell notifications to show images. blueprint says:

  • A valid HTTPS certificate and public facing Home Assistant instance
    - If you do not have these, the actionable notifications and images will not appear in the notifications.
    - You do not need your whole Home Assistant to be publicly accessible. Only the paths /api/camera_proxy/* and /api/webhook/* need to be accessible outside of your network.

Could you please help me to understand how to do this configuration? (Currently HA instance is completely locked by pfsense)

Thank you.

Thank you, but I still get a video clip in my notification. I am using nabu casa cloud and iOS App.
Do I still need to make /api/camera_proxy/* and /api/webhook/* need to be accessible outside?
How can that be done?

In my HA media folder I find the clips but no snapshots. What am I doing wrong?

At “(Optional) Base Image URL” I put my nabu casa URL, right?