Unique "friendly name" description for automatic Zigbee USB adapter discovery in Home Assistant ZHA using dongle vendor/product IDs?

FYI, Home Assistant developer bdraco has just now added support for automatically discovering USB adapter in Home Assistant’s ZHA integration, (for details read PR #/54904, #54935, and #54986). See:


I think it would therefore be much appreciated if everyone could submit new PRs with “friendly name” as a description if you got any ZHA compatible Zigbee USB adapters which unique Vendor ID (vid) / Product ID (pid) identifier that has not yet been added to the ZHA component manifest in Home Assistant core.

Note! As per discussions in #55225, #55236 and #1039, the device needs to have a unique description, so VID and PID alone are not enough.



  "usb": [
   {"vid":"10C4","pid":"EA60","description":"*2652*","known_devices":["slae.sh cc2652rb stick"]},
   {"vid":"10C4","pid":"EA60","description":"*tubeszb*","known_devices":["TubesZB Coordinator"]},
   {"vid":"1CF1","pid":"0030","description":"*conbee*","known_devices":["Conbee II"]},
   {"vid":"10C4","pid":"8A2A","description":"*zigbee*","known_devices":["Nortek HUSBZB-1"]}

See pull request example for adding USB devices Add description to match TubesZB Coordinators for USB Discovery by tube0013 · Pull Request #56201 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

PS: This also applies to Z-Wave USB adapter discovery for the Z-Wave JS component integration, see:



  "usb": [
    {"vid":"0658","pid":"0200","known_devices":["Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5+", "Z-WaveMe UZB"]},
    {"vid":"10C4","pid":"8A2A","description":"*z-wave*","known_devices":["Nortek HUSBZB-1"]},
    {"vid":"10C4","pid":"EA60","known_devices":["Aeotec Z-Stick 7", "Silicon Labs UZB-7", "Zooz ZST10 700"]}

Please don’t cross post the same information. Thanks, also as stated before, make a feature request.