Unique <title> tags in Web UI

Whenever I’m developing / updating scripts, automations, etc. I constantly find myself with 6+ tabs open in a web browser. Not unsual to have these (or more) open simultaneously :

  • /dev-service
  • /dev-state
  • /dev-event
  • /dev-template
  • /dev-info
  • /config/dashboard
  • /hassio/ingress/core_configurator
  • /lovelace/0

Unfortunately, it quickly looks like this:

And… I have no clue which is which.

REQUEST: Update the Title Tag in the <html>...<head>...<title>HA - Description</title>...</head>...</html> to reflect something more descriptive and not just a generic ‘Home Assistant’

Would make skipping around a lot faster and much less like an adult version of the game ‘Memory’.

Memory issues coming with age, huh? :wink:
It’s better than the alternative. :slight_smile:

Yeah, at the very least the different Lovelace views should be able to display their names in the browser title bar.

I would love this, even just with Grafana, Deconz, and my main view open this would be nice :slight_smile:

Add in the ‘Server Control’ tab, e.g. restarting Automations, another for looking at States - and it would be a genuine time-saver / quality-of-life / paper-cut improvement!

I’m following this thread.
I’m also interested in solving this BIG problem!

Still no update on this topic?