Update firmware on Hue devices connected through deconz


I am afraid the answer is just “no”, but cant hurt asking, right?

  1. Is it possible in any way to upgrade the firmware on my Hue devices (bulbs, sensors, switches) when they are connected throug deconz? Or do I have to move them to a hue bridge, upgrade them, unpair them, and reconnect to deconz?
  2. If not possible, how will that affect the entity IDs? Will I have to reconfigure them under entities/integrations with names and IDs?

Same question here, Woundering whatwould be the best option for HUE bridging, Deconz or HUE

I managed to update the firmware of my IKEA tradfri bulbs through deCONZ. Instructions here:

Stumbled across this thread a few time when investigating the question, so:

At the moment, the only thing that can update Philips Hue firmware is a Hue bridge. They implemented an encryption scheme in the bulbs that no one to date has been able to reverse engineer.

That being said, updating the firmware is not that hard and I’ve documented it before.

  1. Figure out which bulbs you want to update. Do not remove any devices from HS, JowiHue, deconz, etc.
  2. You need the serial numbers for the bulbs you want to update, if your bulbs are located in an inconvenient location then you might want to create a permanent document somewhere that lists the serial numbers. The serial numbers are usually located on the side of the bulb near the base.
  3. If your Hue bridge is sitting unused (like mine is) then now is the time to plug it in to your network and power it up. Use the Philips Hue app on your phone to access it. You might want to let it sit for a few minutes in case it needs to update its own firmware.
  4. Once your bridge is good to go, time to start adding bulbs to the bridge. All the bulbs should have power. Open up the app and goto to the screen to add bulbs, but select the manual method (don’t do discovery, it won’t work since the bulbs are already bound to the deconz controller). You’ll enter the bulb serial number, and it should reset the bulb and bind it to the Hue Bridge. Do this for all the bulbs you want to update.
  5. Navigate in the app to firmware updates and have it look for updates. This will take a while.
  6. If your bulbs need updates, it will list it, proceed with updating the bulbs. Again, depending on the number of them this could take a while.
  7. Once the bulbs are updated, use the Hue app to remove the bulbs from the Hue Bridge network. This will unbind them from the Hue Bridge and reset them.
  8. Go back into the Jowihue plugin and start a device/bulb scan. I don’t recall but you might have to initiate network inclusion on the bulbs (usually remove and reapply power).
  9. Zigbee devices have unique network IDs (similar to a MAC address in an ethernet network), because of this no new devices will be added to deconz, the existing ones will simply be used for the bulbs you are re-adding.

Quoted from here

Not sure if this would work for HAss, but I think it might.
I’m about to try & find out.

This is highly misleading. You can update Hue bulbs via Deconz, it’s just that Signify doesn’t publish links to the firmware files, so people have to sniff the traffic of an actual Hue Bridge to get the URLs. See OTA Image Types Firmware versions · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub for more details.

See OTA Image Types Firmware versions · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub for more details.

Thanks for that. That would have saved me few days of heartache (& really good to know for the future), except LTD011 is not listed there at this time.