Update plan python3.8

Two questions

  1. If I want to save all my setup, most done with the GUI front end where are the files that hold the info? The automatons are in the automatons.yaml, but where are the cards setup?

  2. If HA won’t support python3.5 after Dec 2020 and the Raspberry does not have a install for python3.8.
    You have to do a build from source and updating a venv to a new version of python
    is not easy. What is the plan? That is why question 1. So I can save all my setup and then build from scratch and reload my setup.

Just backup your entire config folder which usually is in /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant, the same folder that contains your configuration.yaml file. It contains everything you need to restore your config.

You can make a backup using

 sudo tar -zcvf ha_backup.tar.gz /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant

You might want to look into running HA in docker instead. That way you never need to worry about python versions and dependencies since the docker image contains the relevant python version.

Thread: update-python-to-the-new-version-3-9

Generally, as the prior response indicates: if you don’t want to deal with this once a year, go with a Docker install. Otherwise the linked thread has a few tips on how to upgrade python, use separate venvs for alternate python/home assistant installs, etc.

Another good tip from the thread is to limit the python version to the latest being used in the Docker builds (which as of right now is NOT 3.9 as requested in the linked thread).

As to your first question, I have my home assistant setup in /home/homeassistant and my venvs are set up in /srv/venv/homeassistant_(python_version). I point systemd to the correct venv and config, so other than backing up prior to any major changes (always wise) you don’t need to reinstall any config.