Update Yale Smart Alarm Client

I bought a Yale Smart Alarm system and integrated it with HASS. Everything was fine until I needed other devices in my system to trigger the alarm and notices Yale Smart Alarm component in HASS can only be arm and disarm but there is no way to trigger the alarm.

Here is a post where another user has similar issues:

I begin my research and discovered that the component uses this yale smart alarm client

But looking at the client there does not seem to be a way to trigger the alarm.
That was until now. Yale has made available an endpoint in the API that allows accessing the functionality of a panic button and this can be used to trigger the alarm with automation or anything else.

I have created a PR to update the Yale Smart Alarm client with a method to access this new endpoint

If this PR is merged we could update the client in HASS and access this new method.

I am working on another PR to homeassistant/code to do these changes.

Does anybody see any issues?

PS: this is the first time I contribute to this project.

Great to see someone working on this. If I had the knowledge to help, I would.

Unfortunately it still doesn’t look like you can read when the alarm has been triggered :frowning:



Hi @jonnywright
Indeed, it seems like the Yale Alarm component in HASS has not been updated for a while.

I am currently looking into this and my plan is to enable the functionality you need as well as a way to fire the alarm from HASS.

So far I have created a PR to update the yale smart alarm client. Once this gets merged I will create a PR to enable this in HASS.

Even without programming skills, you can still help by voting this feature request and also supporting this PR with some comments to tell the repo owners why they should integrate this change into the client

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My Pr to update the client has been merged so we now need to update this in HASS

I am keen to be able to trigger my alarm. Just wondering if there is an update on this issue?

Again I would really like this function too what’s the latest?

Hey All,

Can someone help me / point me in the right direction to actually install this onto a RaspPi, please?

Tried the limited instructions and for me as a noob it’s just not making sense.

@pauldeans78 my HA runs on a RaspPi. Can you tell me what you have done so far? Which bit is not making sense? I am assuming you have the Yale Alarm set up and running from the Yale App already?

Your question is kind of a new topic though and should be a separate thread. This topic is specifically about additional functionality to the working integration.

@diazwatson Hi. I would really like to be able to trigger the alarm manually. Is there any progress on updating HASS to allow this? Or is there a way to do this without an official update?

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Hi @assaff it is definitely possible, but the component has not been updated in HASS. Unfortunately, I have not had time to carry on looking into this. You or anybody in the community are free to look at this. I will catch up as soon as I can.

I guess I should of did some digging before starting my work… I have JUST started trying to update and upgrade the Yale app. I am very new to all this so don’t expect an update soon ha.

One thing we can quickly do is bump the api version from 0.1.6 to 0.3.2 but this won’t bring any new features until we implement them.

I been running a custom version of the yale app for awhile now that lets me view lock status but it was so badly done I never submitted a PR ha. Hopefully this time will be different.

Would love to give this app support for installing via the integrations page and the ability to control the lock as well as trigger the siren.

I am running the yale smart sync alarm system with the yale L1 lock.

Things have been slow going but I have made a few changes to the yale app and begun testing the alarm panic trigger. I ran into an issue so I went ahead and opened an issue on the yale-smart-alarm-client github

Will this be brought to the HA version

I am still hard and work on it. Will be awhile before I have something

I did do a PR for yale but didn’t consider the panic button in it.
It’s quite extensive as it adds config_flow, lock and sensors to it so I assume it will take some time until it’s reviewed and approved. Update Yale Smart Alarm by gjohansson-ST · Pull Request #50370 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

There is quite some limitations with the package so I am considering to rewrite it, as example there is no identifiers so can not have devices, only entities etc. etc.

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Btw: As I only have lock and no alarm nor sensors if anyone can test let me know. Then we’ll see if we update the existing package or just do a new one more fit for HA

I have both alarm and lock. What do I need to do to test?


I’d like to setup this integration first:

However it’s not showing up in configuration/integrations

I’m running core-2021.5.1


I made some pretty good progress. I was able to add full config flow(integrations) install, Lock and unlock support and door contacts. with the help of @diazwatson we got the panic button working as well. If anyone else wants to help out please reach out. Hoping to have something ready for HACS soon with the end goal of getting it in HA core. At some stage I plan to rename my integration to match the current yale integration so there is not two in core.

here is the code

Just looked at your PR looks like you also rewrote the app. Awesome work your code and implementation is a lot nicer than mine. I left a comment about backoff by the way

There is a open PR on the yale api by the way I have tested myself against my code and it worked fine. If you plan to add the alarm panic trigger best you have a look at the PR.