Updates does not work


I am running HA on a stand-alone generic PC. It has been working great until now. The upgrades never finishes. The new Core, the Supervisor and SSH & Terminal don’t upgrade. I have tried them one by one. Rebooted the PC but no luck. A night is not enough, the spinning circle remains spinning.

There is lots of diskspace, memory and processor power remaining.

I was hoping that the new core would fix the upgrade issue but as the new core refuses to install I have no clue how to solve it.

Many thanks in advance
Mr Anders W

What supervisor version?

Home Assistant 2022.11.2
Supervisor 2022.11.0
Operating System 9.3
Frontend 20221108.0 - latest

Connecting a display to the PC I get this:

Error returned from supervisor: System is not ready with state: setup

Does this information help?

Mr Anders

Yes you have the beta supervisor version. That is causing your inability to update. Follow the instructions in the post I linked to.


Did this: curl -o - https://version.home-assistant.io/update-supervisor.txt | sh

Rebooted. Supervisor is happy now but the WEB-interface is not working at all.
Doing core update from the terminal. Hangs forever.

Is it possible to install just the core without loosing all devices and automations?


Core update finished after a long time but I still have no WEB-interface. Reboot doesn’t help at all.

Please help
Anders W


Core check: Success
Core start: Sucess

Now the WEB is working perfect again:

Mr Anders W

This problem also seems to exist in Supervisor version 2022.11.2