Updating zigbee2mqtt when i've installed from an old repo

I’m running z2m very nicely v1.17.1
I want to update to 1.18.1 but my add on says no new version available.
Turns out I installed from a discontinued repository.
I’ve tried installing new version from the official github repo but it installs as a clean new version, not an upgrade.

Is there a way to change the repo of the existing installed version so it picks up the update without having to rejoin all my devices and start again?


Just make a copy of the configuration, remove the old add-on and repo, install the new repo and fill in the configuration.

Be sure to have the right pan_id, channel and network id (and make a backup for you change anything ofc)

Thanks @reddwarf i’ve done that but now my device list is empty, do I have to rejoin all devices?

Are you sure you have exactly the same settings? Also for the data_path should be the same (in previous version it was by default /share/zigbee2mqtt and now /config/zigbee2mqtt)

Otherwise you could manually copy files with ssh but have to know the right syntax

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Cheers. Yeah the path has changed. Where would the config be stored relative to the root?

The absolute path will be /root/config/zigbee2mqttt wich is a much more logical path then the previous /root/share/zigbee2mqtt.

Thanks a lot. I ended up installing portainer then unhiding the addons so I could console in on z2m and see the folders. Yes the /share folder was there and I updated the config to point to that instead of /config and doosh! Happy days. Thanks.

would you mind giving more details please?
no matter what I do I can’t get it working. I copied the old config to the new place but no matter what every time I start the addon it seems to overwrite my config with its default config :frowning: