Upgrading to 0.24 resulted in read-only database

Upon upgrading to 0.24, I get multiple error messages regarding database read-only error. The log is long, so I’m using Pastebin to paste my log there.


I did install SQLAlchemy via pip3, so anything that can be resolved would be appreciated.

Did you also run hass --script db_migrator before starting hass back up after the upgrade? (I don’t know whether it is meant to work without migrating the db first)

I did once before I start Home Assistant as per the instructions. I will try it again.

While stopping Home Assistant via sudo systemctl stop [email protected], it got stuck, so I had to hit Ctrl+C and curiously when I execute ps aux | grep hass, the process is already ended, so once I attempt to –

Oh, crap! When I did a history | grep hass it turns out I used sudo to execute it as root! Whoops… I chowned home-assistant_v2.db as homeassistant for both user and group and all is well.

I don’t get any database errors, so all is well.