Upper Case - Lower Case Changes to iPanel

I have recently changed from 63.3 on the AIO version, to HASS.IO, currently on 65.0. I’m not sure if this is a version specific issue or a HASS.IO issue, but the text in the iPanel side window has changed to being all lower case and some words do not show up all, even after multiple restarts.

Please see below. Any ideas?


AIO 63.3

I have the same issue. Didn’t see your post. If I remove my password from configuration.xml, 65 works fine… Latest update causing an issue

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It’s random and browser specific. If you refresh it’s probably ok again…

Nope, same on my work PC, phone and home PC @DavidFW1960. All using Chrome Browser, however.

all mine use chrome as well and sometimes it displays as above and sometimes shows properly. If I refresh it always displays properly. Always stuffed on iPad or iPhone however since 0.65

I noticed the issue went away if you just went back to the IP:port page of ha.

The issue still persists me across all my devices.