USB Bluetooth support on Synology DSM 7.2

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I’m trying to compile the bluetooth kernel modules (bluetooth.ko and btusb.ko) for Synology DSM 7.2 kernel 4.4.180+, geminilake (x86_64). Models like DS220+, 720, 920, but I don’t success.

Can anybody help me getting them? Thank you.

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Do you have any drivers for Apollolake DSM 7.2.1?
I want to use bluetooth with HA and Matter Server?

I was able to compile Bluetooth but it did not create a btusb.ko just the Bluetooth.ko which does load. I assume the make command I used needed something.

I based my setup on this link

Changed to Apollolake and the 7.2 so I thing the environment I created on VM on syno is correct as I did load Bluetooth.ko after copying over to host.

Any hint on how to create the btusb.ko?

Interest part is the VM with Ubuntu is able see and enable the Bluetooth even found my phone! So I think I getting closer.


If you are using VM as in Virtual Machine, you DO NOT NEED any additional bluetooth drivers, they are installed by the guest OS (Ubuntu in your case).

The drivers are needed if you are using Docker container to run HA. In DSM 7.2 the app to run docker containers is called “Container Manager”.

If you didn’t receive any errors during the compilation (warnings are ok) then both “.ko” files should be there, probably you are not looking in the right folders

Thanks was able to build them after creating docker build environment they load in host syno now working on homeassist side. The Bluetooth seen but fails setup need to do more reading!