Use cc2531 as a router

Dear all I have a Zigbee mesh based on a Slae CC2652RB stick acting as a coordinator and two routers.
One based on a CC2530+CC2591 stick and one based on a cc2531.
With the latter, I have a strange problem. Even if it joins in Zigbee mesh and is visible as a router in the map none of my devices connect to it even if I shut down the more powerful CC2530.
The router is flashed with this firmware
Someone can provide me some hints about ?
Thank you


Thank you @francisp. Do you have any suggestions about hardware to substitute cc2531 as router that support also Zigbee 3.0 ?

Since that post on the zigbee2mqtt, I did notice a IKEA motion sensor has connected through a CC2531 router. So it does work, you just can force them. If not, a CC2652 flashed as router will work, but they are still expensive. Or an extra outlet to act as router.

Hi, I’ll ask here. I’m solving a problem with CC2531. I uploaded to it Z-Stack_Home_1.2 - CC2531_router_2020_09_29 std. HA RPI doesn’t recognize him. No port created. I assumed that I would see Zigbee’s existing coordinator network and read the Zigbee2Mqtt data. I’m a beginner and I may not understand.
I need to access the data in a similar way to LocalTuya. Possible? And how?

The standard router firmware does not create a serial port. It is meant to be plugged into a phone charger or something similar.

If paired it will see the existing coordinator

That is the work of the coordinator.

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