Use Diabetes Data from xdrip without nightscout

Hello all,
Did someone figure out how to use xdrip data in HA? I am using the companion option in xdrip to receive camappsfx data. I tried to upload the data to Dexcom share and the use the Dexcom integration to get it into HA. But that doesn’t work.
I don’t want to set up a nightscout instance for that.
Xdrip has a Webserver option which may work for that. But that goes over my head. Anyone make it work already? Thanks for your tips.

That’s not easy to respond to. What do you see in terms of “not working”? Is the data getting to dexcom? Are you getting errors in HA.

I just looked at xdrip. There is are options under inter-app settings that refer to an API and a web service. Poorly documented.

Nightscout just works, in case you change your mind.

Hi Nickrout,

thank you for your help.
I do not get errors in Home assistant. Just don`t get any values.
I think xdrip is not uploading data comming from camappsfx to dexcom share. I guess xdrip wants to receive data by bluetooth.
I cannot check if data is stored on dexcom share because i cannot invite somenone.
Besides the web server there is also the rest api. This is usually used for communication with nightscout. Maybe It can be used by home assistant.

I don’t know what camappsfx is.

Is there a reason why you don’t want to use nightscout?

It is a Hybrid-Closed-Loop-App. It is installed on a smartphone. It is connected via bluetooth with the dexcom sensor and with the insulin pump and handles the insulin dose according to the glucose values and some AI stuff.
xdrip is somehow receiving the glucose values from camappsfx but not directly via bluetooth.
I do not need nightscout because the camappsfx follower app is pretty good. The values are also uploaded to for the clinic. But they do not have an API.
It needs some time and money to set up nightscout and keep it running. I would like to avoid that.

Yeah I googled it just now. These things look cool until you realize they don’t support your pump!

Looks like you are paying plenty for it and maybe they need some pressure to produce an API. They are after all uploading to glooko. A rest API is pretty well standard programming these days.

Is that because you don’t have someone to share with? Willing to help here.

It is for sure better than what we had before. It is for my son (6). It is covered by our health insurance. We live in Germany. So we do not pay anything. I asked Glooko for an API and they forwarded it to their developers. Nope.

Thank you for your offer. To invite someone to dexcom share I need to fully setup the dexcom G6 app icluding connecting a sensor. That is not an option since the sensor is connected to camapsfx. I know it has a second bluetooth slot, but I don’t want to play around with this stuff.

I think I will ask a friend to help me to maybe connect to the rest API of xdrip.

My G6 successfully transmits to xdrip and to my pump. But I do understand why you don’t want to muck about with the setup.

This looks helpful

I see it has a tasker endpoint. May be helpful.

Thank you very much so far. I was hoping there would be more people interested in this topic, than just the two of us. I will post my solution here, if any.

Perhaps because most people use nightscout or dexcom. There is lots of interest in T1 diabetes in general here.

You are not alone! My daughter (12) will receive Ypsopump tomorrow. So far the past few weeks I’ve been playing along with the integration of the Libre 3 sensor via its integration. But we’re also moving to CamAPS FX tomorrow and my new stylish “diabetic lamps” (Tuya bulbs) for silent alarms will stop working until I get data from CamAPS FX too.

Why not use nightscout?

Hadn’t thought that much about it, it would just mean one more thing I’d have to setup. But if it makes it easier I might just try it anyway.

It is not too difficult to set up. do a hosted solution.

No worries. I have plenty of servers at home already. :slight_smile:

However if we were to move house my server would be offline, so maybe a hosted solution is the safest bet right now.

Well there are VPNs and such like, but yes, that’s why I use

There are docker stacks for nightscout, but haven’t tried one for a while.