Use discord bot as remote control

It sounds easy to me to let the discord bot, not only send messages to channels, but as well read those messages. If those incoming messages would the trigger some kind of events, one could use discord to remotely enable / disable lights for instance. Automations/scripting would make it the options unlimited.

Combining the incoming and outgoing messages, could let the user do things like for instance:

<me> @mybot show light status
// automation kicks in here
<bot> Light near television: off
<bot> Light above table: on
<bot> Light in corner of room: 60% 

// user decides what to do:
<me> @mybot turn off 'Light above table'
// automation turns of the light and gives feedback
<bot> done

<me> @mybot show light status
<bot> Light near television: off
<bot> Light above table: off
<bot> Light in corner of room: 60% 

You forgot to vote for your own feature request.

haha, yes I forgot, but now i did

Came here looking for this feature, found a slightly earlier FR which is essentially the same as this one, and voted for both: Add WebHook support for Discord Notification Integration

(Now that Google Chat is broken for good, need a new solution. My kids are already on Discord, and the probability of getting them to use Telegram is super tiny.)