Use Eve Home devices with Home Assistant


I am struggling to get my Eve products integrated in Home Assistant. There are multiple posts on this subject, but most are up to a few years old already.
My devices (Eve Weather, Eve Energy) do show up in Apple Home, and if I understand well, the HomeKit Controller integration should allow getting the devices from Apple Home into HA.
However, adding HomeKit Controller integration typically returns the message ‘Aborted - no unpaired devices found’.

Any help is highly appreciated!

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Also interested in this, the Eve Weather looks nice.

Are your Eve devices using Thread? All your listed devices are Thread capable I think.
Are you using a HomePod mini ?

Once devices are in the Apple HomeKit controller they are fairly inaccessible to other things

So the HA integration does not link devices from HomeKit into HA it instead supports getting the devices into HA by emulating the HomeKit controller and then onwardly exposing devices via HomeBridge if wanted

Thread is not used at the moment. And I use an iPad as Apple Home device.

If they are already within Apple HomeKit then you need to create a virtual equivalent device in HA linked via HomeBridge and then use an automation in HomeKit to link the two devices when events happen. Then HA will track the or control the Eve changes.

I guess we could access state, switch control and power consumption when Matter arrives to Eve and Home Assistant, as they all announced their future compatibility.

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The Smart Things plugin for HomeBridge can see these devices in HomeKit and replicate them in Smart Things. Could the Home Assistant HomeKit integration be extended to do the same?

I also cannot add Eve Energy products to HA . I have Eve smart plug, windows/door sensor and motion sensor, they all show in Apple Home but not in HA. Is the statement above applicable to all HomeKit devices or specific to Eve Energy product. And how do you create a “virtual equivalent via Homebridge”?

I guess the uniqueness of Eve Energy products is that they only support Homekits and not Google and Amazon, not sure this is relevant

Update: I managed to get it working, following the steps as described in Elgato Eve Energy Switch - how to add device into Hassio - #15 by anon90333909

Hi all, did anyone for you tried to integrate EVE energy plug with the new matter Add-on(beta)?
I tried to add a shared device but it was not working.
I do not have a SkyConnect thread usb yet and assume this might be the issue and EVE energy cannot connect via WLAN. Can anybody confirm?

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Yes, I have an EVE Energy with Matter firmware integrated to Home Assistant, but the device has no entities. :joy:

Here is the issue report:

There are some other guys with the same issue.

I am unsure about how it works. I have a SkyConnect, but it’s not really configured at the moment. So my SkyConnect didn’t join my Thread network until now. I don’t know, how this works. Need to read a bit more… :wink:

I think, my Apple TV with Thread and Matter capability made it available for Home Assistant.

But I am completely new to Home Assistant. I am in the migration process of nearly 100 devices from FHEM to Home Assistant. The devices are mostly there, except my HueBridge, next step is automation and then Matter and Thread… :smiley:

Regards Hoppel

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Hi Hoppel,
Thanks for the explanation and the link. I tried to add the eve energy via „add shared device“ instead of „commission device“. Now I have the same issue you linked.

Hi All!

I’m very new to HA and have had very little trouble getting most everything running. That is until I bought the latest generate of Eve Motion sensor. Pairing bluetooth was a breeze, the device showed up and had all entities accessible. A few quick test showed detection/clear and so on. But after a few detection notices is just simply stops working and show inaccessible. It will not work again unless I delete, repair and even then it’s going to stop after a few detection notes.

I get the same issue 25 feet away from my HA as I do 3 feet away. Has anyone seen this before? Seems like it might be going to sleep and not waking up. But, no clue! Any suggestions or help greatly appreciate!

Home Assistant 2023.1.7
Supervisor 2022.12.1
Operating System 9.4
Frontend 20230110.0 - latest

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Any news regarding this? I still only see the switch.

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Maybe try removing ans reading your device? I upgraded my eve switch to matter and can control it via HA fine.

@jodee do you get electricity metering info too?

Afaik, metering information is not part of the matter protocol yet. So the eve app does this serpately atm.

Historically with HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP) Eve extended the native characteristics with their own manufacturer specific ones to show and record things like energy / water consumption. This requires custom handling on each iOS app, HA HomeKit Controller, etc., side.

Any progress on making it possible to get Eve Light Switches (thread version) into Home Assistant?