Use some kind of follow up mode like Amazon Alexa


i have integrated the openai extentend integration. After some experiments it works mostly :wink: It is able to control the climate, lights and tells me content of the calendars of the family and the garbage.
Sometimes the assist needs more information or a confirmation and asks a follow up question. On my satellite with mic and speaker i have to say the wakeword again to complete the information needed by the assist.
With Alexa there is a follow up mode, this activates the voice recognition instantly after the answer of alexa, so you need no wake word to ask something more.

Is it possible to trigger this on the satellites installed the wyoming protocol?

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Did you ever figure this out? I’m running into the same thing.

this will be core to the success of eliminating Alexa,google,siri.

it’s getting pretty exciting with all of the development this past year… hopefully we get these capabilities soon.

Make this a feature request and I’ll vote for it for sure. I was just testing one of my voice satellites after using @Futuresmarthome’s tutorial and found it annoying to have to use the wake word each time.

Voice Assistant: Follow-Up Responses - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community (