Username change: "hass" to "homeassistant" in December 2016


this commit: changed the user and path names used by the All-in-One Installer from “hass” to “homeassistant”, without giving any reason or making further note of it. This is a huge breaking change. (Example)

Is there a script or instructions on how to upgrade systems installed with the old installer to make use of the new names? That is, replace all instances of “hass” with “homeassistant” across all installed files, paths, configurations, etc.? Otherwise we will have to maintain two versions of documentation in perpetuity: “Before December 2016” and “In/After December 2016”. (Example: I will have to update my PostgreSQL howto).

Henryk Plötz
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interested too

I couldn’t agree more! So I would also love to see some instructions on how to bring older installations up-to-date with the new naming scheme.

Hi as newby this was one off the problems I ran into when doing an install and why I firstly couldn’t figure out why things where not running as mentioned and layed out in the install guide!

Can someone dumb it down for me please? Not sure that I am seeing what will be needed to keep this running. I installed with the AIO at the end of November. My install directory is /hass/.homeassistant but I was able to upgrade to 36.1 shortly after it was released. Will I be able to continue using this install? If not what are the migration plans? This seems to be a whole lot of work … will have to redo LetsEncrypt, Samba, Z-Wave etc. etc Was there a benefit to this change? Thanks

Hi, is there an easy way to get from the before December to the After December setup?
I always thought it was a confusing idea to have different setups depending on what install process is used. So I welcome this change, but I would like to see some instructions on how to get to the new setup.
Is there a better way than just start again from scratch?